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The Expansionist
Monday, August 09, 2010
Barack the Faithless Strikes Again. Barack Obama pretended, during the election campaign, to be offended that the United States under Bush was making a mockery of the law by threatening to hold illegal military trials at Guantanamo. And now the very same Barack Obama is about to begin an illegal military trial at Guantanamo. How do we get hypocrite after hypocrite after hypocrite in the White House? Why doesn't democracy work?
U.S. military trials are intended for members of the U.S. military only. No one else, not civilians, not foreigners, nobody. And military trials that do not operate by the rules of the Constitution are illegal. The military is not a law unto itself, but must operate by ALL the standards of the Constitution. The Founding Fathers made no exceptions for the military. Ergo, all military trials of anyone but U.S. military personnel are unconstitutional.
Alas, no one cares what the Constitution actually requires. The Government will do whatever it can get away with, and NO ONE in high office has ANY principles. NO ONE cares two shakes of a rat's ass what the Constitution says. It is not, despite what it says in its own text, "the supreme law of the land", just a list of legalistic druthers and "would-be-nice"s. We give Mafiosi and gangbangers all the protections of the Constitution, but not anyone in Guantanamo. Guanatanamo is magic. It creates human beings into nonpersons, and Barack Obama has no more respect for the Constitution than had George W. Bush, or Josef Stalin. Disgusting.
Who will defend the defenseless against militaristic tyranny? Not Barack Obama. He really is a disgusting, contemptible disappointment to the people who elected him. If recent history holds, in 2012, we will have no better choice than we had in 2008. No one of rigid, incorruptible principle can rise high in a corrupt system.
Can we reform the system? We'd better. But how grotesquely will we disgrace ourselves until we finally rise in revolt and tell the Obamas of the world, "STOP BETRAYING US!"
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,414 — for Israel.)

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