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Monday, August 31, 2015
Idiotic Lies about Europe's 'Inability' to Accommodate a 'Tidal Wave' of Refugees
Europeans have to stop bellyaching about their problems with a 'flood' of refugees, and realize that it might be the best thing for at least some of their societies, which are declining in population so much and so fast that terms like "dying country" are only a bit melodramatic. The match between aging countries that need young workers and young taxpayers to cover the costs of retirement programs and universal healthcare for the long-established population, and the predominantly young refugees today is almost perfect.
The website of the British newspaper, The Telegraph, on February 16th of this year published an article entitled "How Europe is slowly dying despite an increasing world population".
An August 28th article on the website of the British Broadcasting Corporation about the refugee "crisis" gives hard numbers for this trivial problem:
Here are some of the key questions surrounding the crisis.

How many people are on the move?

More than 300,000 migrants have risked their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe so far this year, according to the UN. This compares with 219,000 for the whole of 2014.

Nearly 200,000 people have landed in Greece since January this year, while another 110,000 made it to Italy. * * *

The EU's external border force, Frontex, monitors the different routes migrants use and how many people are arriving at Europe's borders.

It says some 340,000 migrants have been detected at the borders since the beginning of 2015. That compares with 123,500 in the same period last year.
Mind you, the EU is not the whole of Europe, but comprises only about 67% of the (sub)continent by population, 499 million out of 742 million. Moreover, much of Europe is losing population or just barely treading water. I'll let you decide whether the term "depopulation" should apply.
Europe's current population is about 742.5 million. In 2050, it is expected to be 709.1 million, a DROP of 33.4 million. So why aren't Europeans ecstatic that a few hundred thousand people want to move to Europe today?
Let us put this in context. The United States has, as is commonly reported, 11 MILLION illegal aliens, in a country whose population is growing both steadily and substantially. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the base population of the United States is 321.6 million, and we have:
One birth every 7 seconds
One death every 13 seconds
One international migrant (net) every 33 seconds
Net gain of one person every 11 seconds
The U.S. population on August 30, 2014 was 319,300,321. One year to the day later, it was 321,634,726, an increase of 2,334,405 — in one year. The U.S. population is projected to become 438 million by 2050. Altho some Americans are indignant that the Federal Government is making only trivial and feckless efforts to prevent the entry of millions more illegal aliens, much less to deport those already here, there is no national alarm about this needless population pressure upon all aspects of society, and unfair competition from immigrants who will work cheap and allow themselves to be exploited, to the catastrophic disadvantage of native-born citizens.
So why do we hear so much blather about Europe being drowned by a tidal wave of refugees that is TRIVIAL as compared to what the United States has accommodated to easily?
The population increase of Germany, the most favored destination for today's refugees, even with all the pressure of illegal aliens, is only 0.2% a year. That of the United States is 0.7% a year. So, again, why the alarums and excursions about hordes of foreigners invading the EU but especially Germany? How can a country of nearly 81 million people have trouble processing a few hundred thousand applications for refugee status — esp. given Germany's reputation for efficiency? This has happened before, much more dramatically. After World War II, Germany had to take in some 8 million ethnic Germans from places like the Sudetenland (part of then-Czechoslovakia). After reunification of East and West Germany, 16 million East Germans had to be integrated into West German governmental and social norms, which involved a lot of processing of forms in matters like replacing East Germany's equivalent of Social Security retirement plans, national healthcare plans, etc. Those two eras saw much more massive demands upon government resources than the trivial numbers of applicants for refugee status are causing today.
It's not even a racial thing, since most of the refugees are white, largely from Syria, a white country. A few thousand refugees from sub-Saharan (black) Africa wouldn't amount to a hill of beans in Germany's 81 million population.
Is it religion? The largest part of today's refugees are Moslem, mainly from Syria. Some may prove temporary refugees who will want to return to their homeland when civil war and other tumult ends. Germany can perfectly well deny permanent-resident status to people whom it deems unlikely to assimilate to German culture, which includes the dominant religion of Germany, Christianity, or at least post-Christianity or cultural Christianity. There is no RIGHT of refugees to refuse to integrate with the society they wish to benefit from (not to say "parasitize"). Western European countries can seek out spots in underpopulated Moslem countries for Moslem refugees, which would be more agreeable a solution for both refugees and receiving countries. Even if Germany cannot find places in the Moslem world for Moslem refugees, it can steer many to the nations of Eastern Europe suffering worst from depopulation, which can of course refuse to accept refugees who refuse to assimilate to the dominant culture.
As to needless deaths at sea and in a "lorry" in Austria, that is plainly a result of the refusal of Europeans and the United Nations to establish refugee camps and rational processing of applications for refugee status. Create such camps and processing centers at key points along the routes that refugees use, and the problem is solved.
In any case, let us all stop talking nonsense about a 'massive flow' of refugees into Europe, and instead deal with the fact that immigration might be just what Europe needs to support its economies and governmental programs like Social Security and national healthcare. To use an overused expression, this looks like "a match made in Heaven".

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