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The Expansionist
Thursday, June 22, 2017
Russia, Shmusha
I have been waiting for weeks and weeks to hear if Russian "meddling" or "interference" in the U.S. election of 2016, or, as Rachel Maddow of MSNBC keeps saying, hyperbolically, "attack" on our election, actually occurred, or is all speculation. We now (June 21, 2017) know that U.S. intelligence agencies believe, after extensive investigation, that NOT ONE VOTE was altered. Not one. So much for an "attack" upon our election.
Plainly, election-vote information should NOT be on the Internet. Not everything needs to be, or should be, on the Internet. If this information is NOT on the Internet, it CANNOT BE HACKED from afar.
Why is that not obvious to everyone? The solution for concerns about the security of voter records is to KEEP IT OFF THE INTERNET!
Moreover, as you should know if you vote, you do NOT log on to a website to vote at a polling precinct. Rather, you show up and SIGN A PRINTED (looseleaf) BOOK before you are allowed to vote — PRINTED pages, on paper, not electronic records in possibly-fictitious cyberspace. So why are so many people yelling about 'dangers to our democracy'?
In like fashion, if we are concerned about the security of our electric utilities and other things, just TAKE THEM THE F* OFF THE INTERNET, you morons! There are, obviously, perfectly simple ways to segregate different kinds of information and operations into different electronic boxes. We can have electric-utility customer information in one box, accessible from the Internet so you can check your account and pay your bill, that is entirely separate from control operations of the various power plants and distribution systems for electric service, of those same utilities. They do NOT all have to be on the Internet. Some operations can be entirely "off the grid", electronically speaking, or on an "INTRAnet", not the InTERnet. Why is anyone so stupid as to put everything on an Internet that can be hacked from THOUSANDS of miles away?

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