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The Expansionist
Friday, December 16, 2016
Idiot Nonsense about Russia 'Subverting Our Democracy'
The media have been trumpeting the notion that releasing emails somehow constitutes an attack on our democracy. What a bunch of bullsh*. Russia merely provided information to media. That's called "publicity" or "advertising", not subversion. It is in no qualitative way the slitest different from one candidate making public comments about another, creating a campaign commercial, or taking a full-page ad in The New York Times. None of those activities constitutes an attack on or subversion of our democracy. It's just information, which is always subject to how voters decide to react to that information.
Russia did not hack into state boards of elections to change the numbers, nor could it, unless myriad people made the insane decision to make the results of elections vulnerable to misrepresentation by connecting their databases and individual voting machines to an Internet that everyone knows is hugely vulnerable to hacking. NOT everything needs to be, or should be, connected to the Internet. The easiest way to frustrate remote hacking is, OBVIOUSLY, not to have crucial info accessible via the Internet.  I have a very low opinion of human intelligence (mental power) in general, but not everyone is retarded, and everyone can understand that some systems and the data they contain can and SHOULD be off the Internet without any negatives whatsoever. There IS such a thing as a standalone computer, NOT connected to the Internet. Use standalones for data that must not be hacked!
All this extravagant talk of Russia "subverting our democracy" is disgraceful NONSENSE. If you have actual information about Russia changing vote totals, make that assertion and PROVE IT. If you do NOT make any such charge, kindly STFU.

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