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The Expansionist
Saturday, May 12, 2018
Giuliani, Would-Be Dictator
Most Americans know almost nothing about the latest lawyer Donald Trump has brought on, Rudolph Giuliani. If they know anything at all, it is that he was Mayor of New York some time ago. I'm not that lucky. I live in the second city of the Tristate New York Metropolitan Area, so I know a lot about Giuliani, including the FACT that he tried to overstay his term of office, using the World Trade Center attacks as excuse. He wanted to stay on, for an unknown time, and continue to be mayor, despite the fact that NYC has term limits AND there had been a mayoral election that chose Michael Bloomberg to be the next mayor.
Bloomberg would have NONE of that, but pushed Giuliani OUT of City Hall.
Bloomberg himself also defied the two-term limit. Incomprehensibly, he persuaded the City Council to extend the limit to three terms. He too is thus a dictatorially-inclined enemy of society. But he has not been brought into the Trump world of scandals, conspiracies, lies, and incompetence, a world into which Rudolph Giuliani fits perfectly. I'm glad Washington, Lincoln, and other great Presidents did not live to see the tragic condition into which this country has descended.

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