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The Expansionist
Monday, April 18, 2016
Why Does Bernie Sanders Want the Poor and Middle Class to Pay for Healthcare for the Rich?
Bernie Sanders wants "Medicare for all", or "single-payer healthcare" for everyone in the United States. Why do the rich need taxpayers to give them free healthcare? How would that advance the cause of financial equality, by taking from the poor and middle class to give to the rich? Wouldn't that worsen inequality, in that the taxes that would pay for healthcare for the rich are levied unfairly, being proportionally much higher for the poor and middle class than for the hugely undertaxed rich? That is insane, thru-the-looking-glass "equality".
Sanders also wants to give free college tuition to the children of the rich. Here again, he is OUT OF HIS MIND. Let the f* rich pay for their own children's tuition. Sanders' stances on these two matters completely rule him out for higher office. Indeed, the people of Vermont should oust him as their U.S. Senator at the earliest possible moment, and all Liberals should denounce Bernie Sanders as an enemy of equality, Robin Hood in reverse.
If Bernie Sanders wants to advance economic justice, he should solemnly pledge to fix Social Security and Medicare. Let us consider some things wrong with the well-intentioned but hideously unfair system of Medicare within Social Security.
• The rich get both Social Security and Medicarel. Why? They can assuredly pay their own expenses without stealing from the poor and middle class. That includes the costs of private health insurance.
• Everyone from the very poor to people who make something like $1 less than $80,000 a year pays $104.90 a month for Medicare, which is taken OUT of their Social Security payment. Why should people who make half again as much as the annual income of fully employed people BEFORE retirement get Social Security at all? And why should someone who receives less than $15,000 a year have to pay the SAME $104.90 per month for Medicare as people who make over five times that much? That is hugely unfair, discriminatory against the poor in favor of the rich.
• Moreover, Medicare covers only 80% of medical costs, the other 20% being billed to the individual or to a supplemental insurance policy that has copays and deductibles that can be very high — indeed, ruinously high. And
• Calculation of the Cost of Living Adjustment in Social Security is insane. It includes, for instance, the cost of gasoline, even tho many retired people, esp. the older elderly, do not drive!
That is a very short list of the grotesque defects in both Social Security and Medicare.
The rich SHOULD NOT GET SOCIAL SECURITY NOR MEDICARE. Social Security was intended for people who would be financially insecure in retirement, not for people who can easily pay their own way, that is, who are already financially secure. If some adversity renders them insecure after retirement, they should be entitled to apply for coverage at that time. But it is obvious that every dollar dispensed for Social Security and Medicare by the Treasury to the rich is a dollar taken away from the poor and middle class. Bernie Sanders thinks not only that that is entirely fair, but that even more money should be taken from the poor and middle class and given to the rich.
Bernie Sanders is out of his mind. The idea that both rich and poor should be entitled to claims against taxpayer revenues, in the name of equality, is exactly comparable to the famous epigram by Anatole France, "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."
The Social Security system and Medicare are even worse than that, because they actively steal from the poor to give to the rich. And Bernie Sanders is fine with that. All decent people should tell that insane "Socialist" that the rich can take care of themselves, and ALL financial assistance rendered by Government, thru revenues taken from taxpayers, should go ONLY to people who need it, from revenues derived from hugely higher taxes on the hugely undertaxed rich.

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