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The Expansionist
Friday, July 30, 2004
"Liberation" Your Ass! The New York Post cannot stop lying about the war in Iraq, and the larger war of aggression against Islam in general and against Arabs more particularly, and against Palestine most particularly.
It continues to declaim that this war was in defense of “America and its commitment to freedom and human dignity”. What a load of cynical, evil, lying crap!
Where is our dedication to “freedom and human dignity” for the Palestinians, who are in a concentration camp of oppression and violent death paid for by an uncritical U.S. that backs every atrocity, from preventing Palestinians from establishing businesses, then periodically sealing the border so that Palestinians forced to work for slave wages in Israel cannot even get to their jobs; closing down schools for days and weeks at a time; and shooting children for the capital offense of throwing rocks; to firing missiles into residential neighborhoods to kill "terrorists" — plus any civilian, including baby, that happens to be nearby — to building a fence that dwarfs the Berlin Wall and makes Missisippi segregation circa 1950 look lovingly benign by comparison? In the U.S., "separate is inherently unequal". In Occupied Palestine ("Israel" and the Occupied Territories), it is a boon to 'freedom and human dignity'.
How do you “free” Iraqis by invading their country; overthrowing their government; imposing a military occupation by people of a different religion, language, and culture; imposing a hand-picked “government” of Quislings; and putting off elections for years at a time?
Let’s reverse the premise, a standard technique in trying to get people to understand their error and arrogance. If supremely powerful Arabs invaded and conquered the United States; overthrew the Bush Administration and arrested everyone at its top, promising to try them all for war crimes and crimes against humanity (of which they are plainly guilty); imposed a years-long military occupation; shut down hostile newspapers; hand-picked a “government” that grossly underrepresents key constituencies and consists of people with no prior government experience, who have never won an election; outlawed both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, for their obvious co-conspiracy in a decades-long war of aggression against Arabs; forbade even cities and states from holding elections, and put off national elections until 2½ or three years after the invasion (if, indeed, they will be held then); fired rockets and mortars into residential neighborhoods to kill “insurgent” Republicans and Democrats; and termed “terrorists” every American who dared take up arms to resist the occupation — would we feel “liberated”? I don’t think so. (Responsive to editorial “Kerry’s Strategic Myopia”, New York Post, July 30, 2004)

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