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The Expansionist
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
The Ultimate Power Grab. Michael Bloomberg, a Zionist and Jew who happens also to be a multibillionaire and Mayor of New York City, apparently wants to become President of the United States, completing the Jewish takeover of all the levers of power in the greatest power in the history of the world, and thus assuring that the United States will defend Israel at all costs, up to and including total annihilation of this country in a full-scale thermonuclear war for Zionism. If, by some inexplicable quirk of the electorate — or the magic of money — Bloomberg is elected, we can be reasonably certain the United States will (finally, in the view of Zionists) go to war against Iran, on top of our present wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, and world Islam will have no alternative but to regard the United States as a permanent, poisonous, superviolent enemy of Islam. At that point, Moslems will have only one choice left: to surrender to the triumph of the Jews over Islam or go to full-scale war against the United States everywhere Moslems can reach. I can't imagine Islam surrendering to Radical Zionism and thus smiling upon the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Moslems by Radical Zionists based in Palestine and America. So, if Bloomberg is elected, we will see total war between militant Islam and the United States.
What a wonderful thing Zionism is turning out to be: World War III, in which Christians and Moslems kill each other by the million for Jews. There may soon come a time when the 9/11 attacks are viewed as "the good old days".
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 3,531 — for Israel.)

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