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The Expansionist
Friday, July 13, 2007
Our Pakistan Problem. Pakistan has made itself a passive accomplice of Al-Qaeda in not permitting U.S. action against Al-Qaeda training camps and such in the Tribal Areas of northwest Pakistan. ABC today says that the U.S. provides Pakistan a billion dollars to fite Al-Qaeda, but the Pakistani regime (a military dictatorship) seems instead to be making its peace with Al-Qaeda. We cannot accept Pakistani inaction but must warn Pakistan in no uncertain terms that it must destroy the Al-Qaeda safe haven (that it denies even exists, but we have very good reason to believe does exist) or we will destroy it, with no regard to "collateral damage". We should say something very like this:
The Tribal Areas of Pakistan are enclaves of savagery that the civilized world can no longer tolerate. They must become civilized, whether the people now resident there wish to do so or not. At end, civilizations must be ruthless toward barbarians, and we have the right to treat savages as savages, enemies of civilization, and do everything necessary to raise them up, or raze them to the ground.
Therefore we warn the people of the Tribal Areas that if they do not demonstrably enlist in the war against Al-Qaeda, we will regard them as active enemies of the United States and of civilization, and do everything in our considerable power to end their ability to injure or even threaten us. That includes indiscriminate tactical nuclear weapons attacks upon every area of the Tribal Areas we have any reason, including defective intelligence, to think might be shielding and co-conspiring with Al-Qaeda. It is not enuf passively to stand by and permit Al-Qaeda to do what it wants in your vicinity. If you do not actively enlist in destroying Al-Qaeda, to at least report Al-Qaeda locations to the Pakistani government, we will regard you as a member of Al-Qaeda, and do our best to kill you.
President Musharraf may or may not be doing everything he can to stop Al-Qaeda from using Pakistani territory as a safe haven and training ground. If our information that parts of Pakistan nonetheless remain safe havens, then he is not doing enuf, and not doing enuf is for all practical purposes not doing anything. We have reason to believe that Al-Qaeda militants trained in Pakistan are trying to make their way into the United States to unleash major terrorist attacks that will dwarf the attacks and attempted attacks in Britain of late. They should not have been able to train in Pakistan. They should not have been alive to leave Pakistan for the United States. Any damage they do is Pakistan's fault. And we will no longer sit idly by and let more violent lunatics graduate from terror schools conducted on Pakistani territory.
The defense policy of the United States cannot rest on one person. Already there have been a number of attempts on the life of Pervez Musharraf. Even if we were to regard Musharraf as a trustworthy ally who really is doing everything he can do to suppress Al-Qaeda, what he is doing is plainly not enuf, and he might be killed by domestic enemies with or without the help of Al-Qaeda. We cannot wait for months or even years to find out what his successors are doing, for good or ill. Our patience is ended. We gave Pakistan plenty of time to control activities within its frontiers. It has not secured all parts of the country from Al-Qaeda infiltration and activity. Move over. We'll fite alongside.
If Pakistan will not work with us, we will have no alternative but to think it is working against us. Thus we must warn the Government and people of Pakistan that the United States will not stand idly by and let Pakistan fail in its efforts — sincere or fraudulent — to destroy Al-Qaeda's safe haven in Pakistan. If we do not see the Islamabad government taking effective control of all parts of the Tribal Areas and destroying Al-Qaeda in Pakistan, we will be forced to attack those areas ourselves, with all the force necessary to ensure that Al-Qaeda has been wiped out in that area, up to and including multitudinous airstrikes, smart bombs, cruise missiles, napalm, defoliation, even tactical nuclear weapons to secure quick extermination of every living thing in suspect areas. We apologize in advance for any ecological destruction and deaths of innocent animals that may entail. We do not apologize for the deaths of people such attacks would entail. Animals have no obligation to destroy terrorist training camps. People do.
If the Government of Pakistan refuses permission for the U.S. to act in any area we regard as an Al-Qaeda safe haven, we will act anyway. If the Government of Pakistan fites us, we will take every measure necessary to destroy that Government's ability to harm us, up to and including nuclear strikes upon all of Pakistan's nuclear facilities, missile-launching facilities, military airports, and government offices of suchever type as we in our sole discretion may choose to destroy, including Parliament and the Presidential Palace. Do we really need to point out that that would leave Pakistan defenseless against India? Do we, indeed, need to say aloud that if we need to go to war against Pakistan, we will seek to bring India into the war on our side, and give to India after Pakistan's defeat, as much territory and other concessions as it may desire. If indeed India should wish to reincorporate the whole of Pakistan into India's national territory, we will actively assist in merging Pakistan back into India.
At end, we will do whatever we feel we need to do to secure the United States and other parts of the civilized world against Radical Islamist terrorism. If Pakistan wishes us to help in defending the civilized areas of Pakistan by destroying the barbarous areas, it should work with us. But if Pakistan sides with barbarism against us, we will destroy Pakistan. In doing so, we need not send so much as one ground soldier into the conflict. (We cannot say whether India would supply ground troops.) We ourselves need merely act from the air. If to end Al-Qaeda's free ride with Pakistan, we must wage full-scale thermonuclear war against Pakistan, make no mistake: we will do so.
That should do the trick. If the Moslem world thinks we will permit any government to protect Al-Qaeda, it had better think again. If it wishes to see the conflict with Al-Qaeda as the first stage of a historic, conflagrative clash of civilizations, then it must consider whether Islam stands any chance at all against full-scale thermonuclear war, or if Islam's history will end — and not with a whimper, but a bang.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 3,611 — for Israel.)

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