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The Expansionist
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Legalizing Murder. This country has gone out of its mind in leniency toward killers. And then we react with shock that life is so cheap that four college kids can be shot in the back of the head and that gangs are spreading like the Black Death all across the Nation's cities. There's no mystery here.
Mary Winkler, the monster who killed her husband, a minister, and then fled to another state to elude prosecution, was released today after serving 67 days for KILLING her husband. 67 days. Days, not years.
Among the reasons given for this preposterously, inexcusably trivial sentence was "no previous criminal record". So in Tennessee you have to have killed at least once before the murder now at issue in order for murder  to be considered a serious offense. Now the murderess will ask the courts to return the murdered man's children to her care. What a great idea: returning children to the care of a mother who murdered their father. A woman who was supposed to love her husband, but murdered him. Why would we expect her not to murder her children as well?
Perhaps we should just forget about laws and let everybody do anything they want to anybody — that is, just give up on the idea of civilization. It's too much trouble, and we'd have to be mean. We would actually have to kill killers to stop murder, and that's not nice. It's much nicer to allow ourselves to be killed with impunity and not strike back.
No, I have a better idea: let's kill the legislators who permitted this, kill the judge, kill the jury, kill the mental health professionals responsible for releasing a murderess after 67 days. Kill them all. And of course kill the murderess, too, by torture. Forget lethal injection. That's pattycake. Flogging, hoisting by the neck until dead, the Chinese torture of a thousand cuts. You institute punishments like that, or the old standby, the electric chair (charge up Old Sparky), and 'people' who now hold society in utter contempt will fear society and obey its laws rather than face a gruesome death at the hands of society. Absent execution, we should just forget about American civilization, because it doesn't exist. Permitting barbarism is barbarism, ergo, we have already lost our civilization. We can restore it, but the people just don't have the guts. Or is it that the people have the guts, but the "leaders" don't? The people don't write the laws. Their elected "leaders" do. And they have led us down the path we are now on, to mass destruction, thru auto-genocide. Can the people stop this freight train racing toward a cliff?
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 3,699 — for Israel.)

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