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The Expansionist
Thursday, September 20, 2007
"Please Impeach Me." Dumbya is taking a courageous stand against extending healthcare benefits to more children because it would cost $4 billion, and the Federal Budget is only $1.3 TRILLION, so we can't afford it. His budget priorities are those of the Republican Party: There is always enuf money to kill people; never enuf money to save them. So he will spend $600 billion on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (so far) but not $4 billion to keep American children alive and their parents from losing their house. If the 'Democrat Party' passes an appropriation for kids, Dumbya will veto it! And his party will sustain that veto. What a lovely man, and wonderful party.
He has also reverted to calling the Democrats the "Democrat Party", which he said some months ago he would try not to do. Another breach with honor. How surprising.
Meanwhile, Bush will not discuss a recent air attack by Israel on Syria. The reason (excuse) given by the Israelis is that North Korea just delivered materials to Syria that might be used to develop nuclear weapons. So Israel sent warplanes bought and paid for by the American taxpayer to attack a country with which the U.S. is not at war, despite the best efforts of neocons and other Radical Zionists to move us to wage war against it.
Syria, you see, must not have any weapons Israel does not approve of, and Israel's slave, the U.S. Government, will sit idly by and do nothing while Israel attacks all its neighbors, as of right. If things were reversed, and Syria launched attacks upon Israel, would Bush stand aside and say nothing? I hardly think so.
Israel can have all the weapons in the world, and attack anyone it wants, and the U.S. will smile upon all such attacks. But Syria and North Korea are dangers to the world. Mind you, Syria hasn't attacked anyone (save perhaps thru a few assassinations in Lebanon, which was historically part of Syria for centuries) since 1973, and North Korea hasn't attacked any other country (save for occasional assassinations of South Koreans here and there) since 1953. Israel attacks other countries all the time, and assassinates every perceived enemy it can reach, everywhere around it, but Israel is a peaceloving country filled with wonderful, decent people whom we must back in everything they do, even if that should mean we must wage war against Syria, war against Iran, war against the entire Moslem world. Because Israel is the be-all and end-all of the universe. Moslems don't count. Americans don't count. And if hundreds of millions of Moslems and Americans must die so Israel can be safe, that is a price George Bush will gladly pay. As long as he's not one of the fallen, of course. I'm so proud. He'll keep us safe from those damned sick American children so we can spend all the money we need to bring war and death to the entire Islamic world. My hero.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 3,792 — for Israel.)

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