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The Expansionist
Monday, February 11, 2008
Good Ridans tu Zieyanist Rubish

(This blog is published, first, in phonetic (Fanetik) spelling and only then in standard English spelling. If you wish to skip to the traditionally spelled text (albeit with a few simplifications here and there), click here.)
Tom Laantoes, a Hunggaireeyan Ju hu invaedad the Yoonietad Staets aafter Werld Waur II aand tthru tha self-vaunting aand myuechuewal help praaktist bi Juez roez tu beekum Chairman uv tha Y.S. Hous Kamite on Foran Afairz, died toodae. Thaat iz terifik. It shood haav haapand a laung tiem ago. He wuz aan aaktiv ename uv the Yoonietad Staets; aan endlas aejant uv a foran pouwer, Izreeyal; aand wun reezan the Yoonietad Staets iz haetad by haaf tha werld.
Wikipeedeeya'z ortikal on tha baasterd ditailz hiz kriminal aaktiviteez oever dekaedz, giving aabsaluetle unkritikal sapaurt uv evreetthing Izreeyal did aand pramoeting waur agenst Izreeyal'z enameez. He portisipaetad in the outraejas fraud kamitad bi Kuewaeteez in klaeming thaat Eeroke soeljerz dumpt Kuewaete baebeez out uv ingkyoobaeterz, aand eevan aafter thaat testimoene wuz reeveeld aaz a blaetant fraud, aand tha "ners" hu klaemd tu haav seen theez tthingz wuz reeveeld tu be in faakt tha dauter uv tha Kuewaete aambaasader, did not apolajiez in ene wae faur lieying tu tha publik tu drum up war histereeya.
Laantoes wuz aan eevool maan, aand tha werld shood reejois in hiz detth. It's tue baad thaat he wuzan't taurcherd tu detth, aand thaat he left projane. Perhaaps wun uv hiz 17 graandchildran wil du sumtthing deesant in lief tu tri tu kompensaet faur tha kriemz uv hiz aur her graandfother. But I woodan't kount on it.
(Tha kerant Y.S. militere detth toel in Eerok, akaurding tu tha websiet "Eerok Koewalishan Kaazhuewalteez", iz 3,960 — faur Izreeyal.)
Good Riddance to Zionist Rubbish.

Tom Lantos, a Hungarian Jew who invaded the United States after World War II and thru the self-vaunting and mutual help practiced by Jews rose to become Chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, died today. That is terrific. It should have happened a long time ago. He was an active enemy of the United States; an endless agent of a foreign power, Israel; and one reason the United States is hated by half the world.
Wikipedia's article on the bastard details his criminal activities over decades, giving absolutely uncritical support of everything Israel did and promoting war against Israel's enemies. He participated in the outrageous fraud committed by Kuwaitis in claiming that Iraqi soldiers dumped Kuwaiti babies out of incubators, and even after that testimony was revealed as a blatant fraud, and the "nurse" who claimed to have seen these things was revealed to be in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, did not apologize in any way for lying to the public to drum up war hysteria.
Lantos was an evil man, and the world should rejoice in hiz death. It's too bad that he wasn't tortured to death, and that he left progeny. Perhaps one of his 17 grandchildren will do something decent in life to try to compensate for the crimes of his or her grandfather. But I wouldn't count on it.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 3,960 — for Israel.)

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