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Sunday, April 13, 2008
Another 'Lifelong Hunter'? Mitt Romney 'shot himself in the foot' in pretending to have been a "lifelong hunter", when in reality he had only rarely (if ever) hunted. Today Hillary Clinton, Woman Without Honor, pretended to be a fierce defender of the supposed 'right to bear arms' of hunters and other people who are not members of a state militia, in trying to beat up on Barack Obama for his having mentioned the prevalence of Guns And God in bitter small towns. She posed for the cameras and told a deliteful tale of being taught to hunt — that is, shoot and kill wild animals — by her sainted father, a stupid man who apparently contributed to his dauter's gender confusion and dykiness. I hope he's still alive so somebody might 'accidentally' shoot him with one of those guns Hillary pretends she doesn't want regulated. But I so despise Hillary Clinton that I won't look for her exact quote or her family history or anything else about her. She is NOBODY without Bill Clinton, and cannot possibly be elected President, so who the hell cares what she says about anything?
As it happens, after the 22nd Amendment forced the Clintons out of the White House (thank goodness), Billary moved from Arkansas to New York State, a jurisdiction that has strict GUN CONTROL laws. Now s/he poses as a defender of the unfettered 'right' to own guns. What a piece of sh*t s/he is. (Oh, in case the language is unclear, by "s/he" — which I pronounce sh-he, two syllables — refers to "Billary", not "Hillary". Hillary is apparently a biological woman, so "she" would be the pronoun appropriate for her alone. In that her campaign is really of the Clintons together, who would both be returned to the White House (in plain violation of the 22nd Amendment), "Billary" is far more appropriate to refer to the political candidate, and "Billary" takes "s/he". And in case you are offended by the transparency of the term "sh*t", perhaps I should write it "shasteriskt".)
As for Barack Obama's plain words about bitter people in small towns devastated by national policies that have shipped millions of jobs overseas and continue to shut down American businesses right and left, he was precisely right. So of course he will be punished. It is forbidden to speak truth in politics in the United States in 2008. Forbidden. You speak the truth, you lose. So we get nothing but liars in our highest offices, people with no honor who will say anything to get elected — and then promptly renege on every single 'promise' they made on the campaign trail that doesn't fit with their private, often hidden, agenda. Billary, of course, doesn't have an agenda except one item: get elected. That is the be-all and end-all of the Clintons. They want to be President because they want to be President. That is all. If that's good enuf for you, feel free to vote for "Hillary". But don't be surprised if she breaks every promise that induced you to vote for her.
Saturday Night Live last nite mentioned the death of Charlton Heston, so let me place here, late, a paragraph I drafted when I heard that story, but did not have time to finalize.
Cold, Dead Hand — At Last. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Charlton Heston is dead. The bad news is that he died a natural death. He was not executed for his crimes in promoting gun violence. Still, even the bad news is sort of good news: he died of (or is it merely "with"?) Alzheimer's, so was officially out of his mind. Fitting.
I also drafted this next paragraph that day, April 6th:
Albany, Come Save Us! New York City's billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, may not get his way on "congestion pricing", the criminal attempt to steal the people's roads and turn them over to the rich, because Albany lawmakers have to approve the plan, and many are opposed. Bloomberg has blatantly and cynically misrepresented the theft of the people's roads as a gift to public transit, claiming in effect that no, it's not that the roads will be stolen from the poor and middle class but that the rich will be forced to give over some of their excess cash to pay for improvements in public transportation — which would be a good thing, since far more people would have to use public transportation because they wouldn't be able to drive on the roads they already paid for! I hope Albany tells Bloomberg to go f*k himself. (Or, fasteriskk himself.)
The next day, New York State's Legislature vetoed the plan. Good for them.

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