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The Expansionist
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Self-Intensifying Delusion. The Democratic Party has lost all touch with reality, and the Republicans are also flirting with delusion. The longer pundits keep talking about this Presidential contest without saying plainly that a black man and white woman are unelectable, that long will ever more deformed thinking seize control of the Democratic Party.
BaLack Obama, trying to curry favor with Billary's base, has publicly thanked Hillary Clinton for widening opportunities for his dauters! So now not only has he made whites in general uneasy about a black man taking over the 'White' House but he has also now raised the specter of a series of black female Presidents! Let's be plain: BaLack Obama is an unelectable "mulatto" — a word I have not heard in this campaign, because it's not politically correct, but represents the worst nitemare of two hundred million Americans, both black and white: their child marrying someone of the 'opposite race' and having "gray" babies. BaLack is running for President of a Nation much of which has serious problems with blacks, not just in the South, but also in the suburbs of major cities ravaged by black riots and crime, and among white-fliters all over the country.
His remark about opportunities for his dauters means that Obama has now joined in one person everything conservatives hate about Democratic politics: the raising up of blacks at the expense of whites, and of women at the expense of men. Brilliant!
The Democrats are so deluded that their "dream team" is BaLack and Hillary, and even without Hillary, BaLack has taken up all the tenets of Radical Feminism that we rejected when we refused to pass the so-called "Equal Rights Amendment" in the Seventies and early Eighties. But the heck with national rejection of Radical Feminism. Full speed ahead into the Brave New World of lesbian feminism, where women take over everything, including the Presidency, and (white) men are pushed to the bottom of society so first black men and then black women can rule the Nation.
On the Republican side, people are today talking up Mitt Romney as a possible Vice Presidential candidate on the McCain ticket. Can the Republicans really be as deluded as Democrats, ignore the fact that Romney was trounced by anti-Mormon feeling, and install a Mormon within "a heartbeat of the Presidency" of an old man whom many Americans think will not survive even a full first term? If so, then maybe we can have a black President after all, because there are many white Southern Baptists who might hate the thought of a black President but would rather have a black man who is a member of a mainline Protestant denomination than a white man who is a member of a cult.
It would be extremely stupid of Mr. McCain to choose a Mormon as running mate. It would also be stupid, but not AS stupid, for him to choose Mike Huckabee, a fool who readily tells the world that he does not believe in evolution. But McCain is insane, so who knows what will control his decision? I suspect that he will not have complete latitude in the selection of a running mate, anyway, since the Republican Party cannot count on independents and crossover votes alone, but must solidify the Republican "base" as well, and the Republican base is mainline Protestant.
So why all the talk of Romney being a top contender for the Veep spot on the Republican ticket? Do TV pundits really believe the crap they unload? Don't their noses detect the smell? Or are they just trying to keep the nonsense going and pretend that this country is about to do something historic, on either side of the November contest? The Democrats will create the first black President, or woman President, or the Republicans will create the first Mormon President if John McCain dies in office (or before)! S-u-u-u-u-u-u-re they will.

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