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The Expansionist
Friday, June 27, 2008
Kill Mugabe. There is a very quick fix to the problem of outrageous, inexcusable tyranny in Zimbabwe: death to Mugabe and his entire inner circle, rained down from the sky in the form of cruise missiles and/or smart bombs from the U.S. military. Will it happen? Not under Bush, it won't. Bush is a coward of the first rank, and his entire Administration are utterly without principle. They barely make noise about an even worse atrocity in Africa, the slauter, by paramilitary action and thru starvation, of millions of people in the Sudan. Those people are (were) black. Not even Barack Obama, a supposed "black" candidate, has advocated liberating the people of Zimbabwe, Darfur or the Sudan more generally thru instantaneous destruction of the ruling cliques thru a "shock and awe" attack.
The entire leadership elite of the United States today is subhuman scum. They should all be held to account for inaction where action was called for, and wrongful action where no action was called for (in Iraq).
In Zimbabwe, voting is compulsory. It should be compulsory here, too. But there must be a real choice: "None of the Above" should be on all ballots, in all countries. And term limits should be absolutely ironclad, such that if "None of the Above" wins more votes than any named candidate and a term of office expires without a named candidate winning office, then that office — any office, including President of the United States — is vacated and the laws of succession come into play to put a temporary, acting official (e.g., Acting President) in power until a legitimate vote produces a named winner.
Then we would have better choices. We wouldn't be forced to vote for the lesser of evils. We could hold out for someone good, in terms of both qualifications and morality.
But the human race is slime, so this won't happen. We'll content ourselves with bitching, come up with no solutions, implement no solutions. The innocent will continue to die, while people who like to think themselves good do nothing, and evil triumphs EVERY TIME.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,113 — for Israel.)

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