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The Expansionist
Thursday, November 13, 2008
Yet Another Female Secretary of State?? A report today on NBC News says that President Obama may nominate Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. If that is true, he is indeed insane.
One reason the United States has been absolutely incapable of projecting power and persuading people around the planet to work with us is the insistence of recent Presidents on sending women to tell men what to do. The whole world HATES it, but Radical Feminists in this castrated country insist on presenting a female face to the world. How is that female face seen? How do you think?: weak, soft, cowardly, useless, feckless, not to be taken seriously but to be pushed aside as inconsequential. And that is how U.S. foreign-policy initiatives are received, as female idiocy to be dismissed instantly, without consideration of any kind whatsoever.
You see, most of the world is controlled by men. Real men, not the castrated pussyboys of the U.S. Government. Real men in places like Communist China and Russia don't pay any attention to women. It doesn't matter whether that woman be Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, or Hillary Clinton. If a woman brings a proposal from the President of the United States, she will be regarded as a messenger, no more consequential than the FedEx guy. We don't take orders from the FedEx guy — or gal. Send us a man as Secretary of State, someone we can feel has some real power to get our points across. Respect us, or we will not respect you. You want our cooperation? Stop insulting us.
And that is what the bulk of this planet will do if Obama appoints Hillary Clinton Secretary of State: looked upon the United States as a Nation of castrated losers who cannot be taken seriously. The Butchers of Beijing do not quake in their boots at the threats of a stupid woman. Vladimir Putin does not take orders from a loser bitch. The Moslem world does not take orders from women. The Sudanese government slautering people in Darfur will not take seriously anything any woman says.
When will this country wake up to reality and stop subverting our influence in the world by appointing woman after woman to what should be the most powerful position in the Cabinet, rivaled only by Secretary of Defense? If the United States wants to guarantee being treated with contempt all around this planet, why not install an all-female Cabinet and have done with it?
Perhaps Obama should have a 'little operation' to make himself not only our first black President but our first 'female' President too. It would seem his balls don't work anyway, so he might as well just chop them off, slice a slit in his crotch, and make history again!

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