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The Expansionist
Monday, December 15, 2008
"I Don't Know What His Beef Is." Dumbya claimed, in those words, not to understand why the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at Bush at a news conference would be angry with him. How delusional is Bush 43? The United States attacked a country that never attacked us and killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis (perhaps 1.25 million in the present war and its aftermath, another half million or more in the period between the first and second wars against Iraq, and an unknowable number, but perhaps another couple of hundred thousand Iraqis in the first war against Iraq, but "President" Dumbya doesn't know what an Iraqi journalist's "beef" with him, both as an individual and as the representative of the United States, might be. What an a*hole.
Blind Baby. David Paterson, the "legally" (but not actually) blind, default Governor of New York because the elected Governor was caught in a prostitution scandal, is reported to have been somewhat offended by the skit on this past weekend's Saturday Night Live in which Fred Armisen as Paterson holds a chart upside-down and wanders around the "Weekend Update" stage thereafter, oblivious to the fact that he is still on the show when his segment had finished. Ah, poor baby. It was hysterical, and harkened back to John McCain's wandering around during one of the Presidential debates, blissfully unaware of where he stood relative to the cameras, even blocking Tom Brokaw as Brokaw was trying to read the teleprompter to close out the broadcast. Disabled people have got to grow up. Sometimes disabilities can be funny. I'm partially disabled myself due to an accident that permanently ravaged one knee. Would I be upset if somebody made fun of my slite limp, or anyone's limp? No, I would not. Grow the f(asteris)k up.
Waterboard Cheney & Co. Vice President Cheney in a recent interview raised the whole issue of waterboarding captives the U.S. military took in its War on Terror, and defended employing torture to get useful information. The end justifies the means, in his view. Well, we as a Nation have a supremely important end to advance: getting at the truth about what the Bush Administration knew about Weapons of Mass Destruction and other pretexts for their war against Iraq. The answers from Administration officials have been evasive and disingenuous at best. It's time to get at the truth. SO, since waterboarding is such a wonderful thing that the Administration defends, let's use it on Cheney, "President" Bush, and all other relevant members of the faceless cabal that is the Real Presidency to find out what they actually knew or believed about WMDs in Iraq before their attack upon a country that never attacked us.
To hear Cheney tell it, waterboarding is a perfect way to get all the information we want, and morally unobjectionable. So let's use it on its defenders. But let's go one better, since these "people" know that waterboarding is not supposed to produce death, and, toward the end of Cheney's interrogation, actually drown him. Let Cheney be the first member of the Administration waterboarded, and let the media report to all the others, about to be waterboarded, that Cheney died during interrogation, so they too can expect to die if they don't cooperate. Even if Cheney dies of a heart attack, the message should be made clear: we will have no doctors standing by to resuscitate anyone we waterboard if they should be at the edge of death. So tell us what you know, you dirty, dirty, mass-murdering monsters.
Jew Upon Jew Fraud. Speaking of dirty, dirty monsters, the Jewish con artist Bernard Madoff defrauded large numbers of highly placed fellow Jews, as well as decent people and, most despicably, charities. It's wonderful to see Jews who favor Jews being burned for their tribalism. You conspire among yourselves, and suffer devastating losses as a result? Good. Great. Indeed, wonderful.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,209 — for Israel.)

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