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The Expansionist
Thursday, December 11, 2008
Six Inches of Snow in the South. What will it take to snap people out of the madness of "man-made global warming"? Much of the U.S. South experienced snow today, with as much as six inches falling in some areas, giving a new meaning to "Deep South". The Northeast was 10-15 degrees colder for a large portion of November. But still Al Gore and all the mindless morons in media keep prattling away about this planet dying from heatstroke.
Earth's temperature in the Age of Dinosaurs was substantially higher not only than it is now but also than it is expected to be 100 years from now due to "man-made global warming". Such temperatures did not destroy life but the reverse: gave rise to the largest land animals Earth has ever known.
Moreover, the drop in temperatures of late is not a narrow phenomenon, limited to either the U.S. South or Northeast. Southern (temperate) Brazil had its coldest September in a century, this year! You didn't hear that on TV news, tho, did you?
"Global warming" is nearly-religious dogma that finds no justification in reality. It is hubris, simple egotism on the part of a species that is absolutely insignificant to climate. Human beings occupy, in significant numbers (once you deduct areas covered by water, deserts, high mountains, tundra, forests, and ice), only about 12% of the surface of the Earth. If the average person were 6 feet tall, s/he would be only 1/55,000th the height of the atmosphere. The tallest man-made structure is less than 1/222nd the height of the atmosphere, and that's only one structure, Burj Dubai, which is expected to be 2,864 feet tall at completion. You can do your own math for other structures, using 328,000 feet as the height of the atmosphere. The idea that so trivial a dusting of biological detritus and its structures could alter the planet's atmosphere (short of "nuclear winter", if even that would happen, even if the human race should embark on mutually suicidal full-scale nuclear war — and there is no reason to think it would) is insane arrogance.

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