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Friday, December 19, 2008
Taking Credit for 'Keeping Us Safe'. It would be funny, were it not so outrageous, that Dumbya wants to shape perceptions of his 'legacy' to include the notion that he kept us safe from terrorism (after 9/11). Never mind that he could have completely prevented the 9/11 attacks simply by heeding the warnings that terrorists planned to hijack airplanes and use them as flying bombs and alerting the traveling public to that fact. Had he simply done that, every single adult flying on every single plane in the United States would have been on notice that if a hijacking attempt occurs on their flite, their very life depends on the passengers and crew preventing it. We know how that would have turned out, because the passengers on Flite 93, given even late notice of what had happened in New York earlier that day, fought back against the hijackers and prevented them from using that plane as a flying bomb. Unfortunately, they were too late to prevent those hijackers from deliberately crashing the plane and killing everyone on board. But at least it wasn't used to destroy the White House, U.S. Capitol Building, or other major target on the ground.
In short, then, it is the ACTIVE CONCEALMENT of the intent of hijackers to use planes as flying bombs that produced the 9/11 disaster, and that ACTIVE CONCEALMENT was a willful, deliberate, considered act of the Bush Administration. Everyone responsible for that concealment should be arrested, tried for co-conspiracy with Al-Qaeda in the mass murders of 9/11, and burned to death, as so many Americans were burned to death because of the inexcusable official misconduct that produced 9/11.
'The Decider'. MSNBC will broadcast, at 5pm on Monday, December 29th, an overview of Dumbya's Presidency. The problem is that Bush decided NOTHING. He is now and always has been, from January 20, 2001, a PUPPET of a hidden cabal of Republican insiders who were the Real Presidency, just as Ronald Reagan was never President but only an actor playing President . To this day we don't know all the members of either of those secret collective Presidencies.
Plainly Dick Cheney was, if not the single most important person in the Real Bush Presidency, at least one of the most important members. In segments of the upcoming program shown on Hardball with Chris Matthews this evening, the point is made that prior to the invasion of Iraq, the "President" (Bush) did not convene a meeting of all the legally-responsible officials and advisers to decide whether to make war against a country that never attacked us. Matthews himself is shown asking then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld if he was asked his views on whether to attack Iraq, and when Rumsfeld said he was not, Matthews followed up to ask if he was surprised by that. Rumsfeld said something like "I found it interesting." So Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Secretary of State, and other people who could be expected to offer advice in a formal setting were not asked for their input before "The Decider" fixed upon the plan to attack.
There is definitely a Decider in the Bush Administration. It just isn't Dumbya. Whether decisions of the cabal are made by consensus, tacit or spoken; formal vote; or the bullied consent of the many to the demands of the Alpha Male (Cheney, it would seem) is something we may never know. Certainly the open secret that Ronald Reagan was an actor playing President (which many people in media seem to understand, tho they don't say so aloud) has not been confirmed by leaks from the inner circle that was the Real President during the Reagan years. Say what you will about the Republican scumbags of the Reagan and Bush 43 Administrations, they sure can keep a secret.
Body Language. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich today said emphatically that he was utterly innocent of legal wrongdoing in the matter of the many charges of corruption against him. Two things: first, he didn't make any such statement for 10 days. Innocent people do not wait 10 days to protest their innocence and show indignation about being maligned. Second, the guy was bouncing all over the space behind the rostrum, in behavior that was hugely suspect. It came across clearly to me that the man was lying thru his teeth.
What do we do when criminals fite conviction for their crimes rather than simply confessing and saving society expense, time, and travail? Well, punish them more severely. In the case of Blagojevich, every count he is convicted of should carry the maximum sentence, consecutively, not concurrently. There are some societies that punish official corruption with death. Perhaps Illinois should institute such a death penalty, and make it applicable to any person whose trial commences after the passage of that law — over the veto of Blagojevich, I imagine. Perhaps then Blagojevich won't see his best interest as lying (you should pardon the expression) in delay.

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