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The Expansionist
Thursday, January 15, 2009
Bombing the UN. The Israeli Government is so certain that the United States is owned lock, stock, and barrel by Zionists that it took the occasion of a visit to Israel by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, to BOMB the United Nations' headquarters in Gaza, deliberately destroying tons of food and medicine recently shipped in to avert a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. The chutzpah of the Israelis in showing their utter contempt for the United Nations and the international community makes Mussolini's defiance of the League of Nations seem humble and cooperative by contrast.
How long will the people of the United States — who host the United Nations' headquarters in New York City — continue to indulge the most outrageous crimes of the Israeli Government? How many more thousands of Arabs must die before even the most callous and heartless American religious loon — who thinks that Christianity and Judaism are the same thing, and that being a Christian requires supporting the people who killed Jesus — realizes that the creation of Israel was an astoundingly stupid and criminal mistake that has produced endless war, massive death, and worldwide disruption, including the attacks of 9/11 upon the U.S. "homeland" (that noxious, Nazistic term)? We don't even want to know the death toll, and no one is keeping track. In this latest of Israel's endless wars against its neighbors, over 1,000 Palestinians have already died, as against less than 20 Israelis, for whose urgent "defense" this criminal aggression is supposedly being waged.
Because silence implies assent, I have today sent to the Obama transition team the following message via feedback form, under the heading "Reverse U.S. Middle East policy":

President Obama must end all U.S. support for Israel, and instead put Palestine and Israel firmly on equal footing in U.S. policy, or it cannot even hope to serve as "honest broker" for permanent peace. U.S. aid has been used to kill literally countless thousands of Israel's neighbors, and the U.S. Government is wholly to blame for all the atrocities committed with U.S. connivance, including the outrageous bombing, today, of the United Nations' headquarters in Gaza on the very day that the UN Secretary General is visiting Israel! How is the U.S. to restore international law when it smiles upon crimes against the United Nations itself, by Israel?
How many people must die before the U.S. Government admits the obvious, that the creation of a Jewish state in an Arab land (opposed by the Wilson Administration) was an insane project that has produced endless war — a mistake of the most astonishing stupidity and evil, that we have heretofore compounded but must now correct? Two wars against Iraq and a "sanctions" regime, put together, have killed well over a MILLION Iraqis — for Israel. Almost 3,000 dead Americans on 9/11, and over 4,000 more dead Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan — are all the result of U.S. support for Israel. And that's just part of the death toll from Zionism.
The United States has become a co-conspirator in the crimes of Israel, and we will be punished for it. 9/11 was just a taste of what the world wants done to us, all because of blind U.S. support for Israel. President Obama must end U.S. complicity in the crimes of Radical Zionism. Cut all aid to Israel. Israel has received over $250 BILLION from the U.S. (in 2008 terms: http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/1209/p16s01-wmgn.html) over the 60 years that it has been on WELFARE paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. Israel has money for a space program! So it can damn well take care of itself. We didn't establish Israel; the British Empire, our old enemy, did. We have no responsibility for defending an insane idea we didn't come up with but in fact opposed when it was first put forward.
The United States must end the endless war in the Middle East — and thus against us — the only way it can be ended: by disestablishing the "State of Israel" and merging it into a multiethnic and multireligious, secular Unified Palestine, in which no one is master and no one SLAVE. President Obama must not continue U.S. treatment of Palestinians as the "NIGGERS" of the Middle East. Make no mistake: in U.S. historical terms, Israel is the KKK; Palestinians and other Arabs are "niggers" kept down by the KKK; and it is all due to the mindless carte-blanche backing of the U.S. Government for a "state" of Israel that should have been left in ancient history. The Romans tried to buy peace in Judea by crucifying Jesus. The United States, today's Rome, is trying to buy peace by sacrificing Gaza. Killing the enemies of the Jews didn't work for Rome and it won't work for us. At end, Rome had to destroy Judea and scatter the Jews. And we will have to destroy Israel, and scatter suchever Jews as will not live as equals with Moslem and Christian Arabs in a united Palestine.
It is incumbent upon decent Americans to agitate by all means necessary to end U.S. complicity in the mass murder endlessly committed by Israel. You can write to the Obama Transition Team by feedback form at http://change.gov/page/content/contact/. Or you can wait until Tuesday and write to President Obama (a message now is probably pointless, since Radical Zionist neocons control the Bush Administration) at comments@whitehouse.gov. Bush could still redeem himself in small measure by cutting off aid to Israel tomorrow. I don't really expect it, but I have sent a version of my message to Obama to the White House today. We must all do what we can to redeem our national honor.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,226 — for Israel.)

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