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The Expansionist
Friday, January 23, 2009
Stem-Cell Slauter. The Obama Administration has decided that killing children to chop them up for parts is a wonderful thing to do because it might empower older people to live better. In EMBRYONIC stem-cell research — there are other stem cells, whose harvesting does not kill children, but that's not good enuf for today's Frankensteinian science — the issue is not, as Brian Williams of NBC News today put it, whether embryonic stem-cell therapy can work, but whether it is morally permissible. We could seize children or adults off the street, slit their throats, and give their organs to strangers to them who need heart transplants and the like. But Obama & Co. wouldn't dare propose that, nor even defend the suggestion that it be done. We don't even allow FELONS IN PRISON to be chopped up for parts, not even if they are to be executed anyway and not even if they consent to give, during their imprisonment, a kidney or a lobe of their liver, which would not kill them. The only exception is a voluntary organ donation to a member of their own family. That's insane, especially when contrasted with the absolutely blithe ignorement of the killing of babies who have committed no crime, unless we consider being conceived, a crime.
In regard to embryonic stem-cell research and support for organizations that provide abortions as birth control worldwide, the Obama Administration has put itself firmly on the side of abortion on demand, the mass slauter of babies as subhuman trash. How very odd for a black man to smile upon declaring some defenseless people subhuman, fit only to die, in order to be used to benefit their betters.
Perhaps we need a new Revolution to kill the Obama Administration's child-slauterers, replace them with decent Americans faithful to the principle from the Declaration of Independence of devotion to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" — note which of those three devotions comes first — and chop THEM up for parts instead.
O Ye of Little Faith. Some Christian ministers, especially in the black church, are upset that Obama mentioned nonbelievers in his Inaugural Address. They feel threatened that even the mention of nonbelief as an option Americans have the right to consider will cause losses to their churches. If their faith is that weak, then they had better either apologize to their God, or admit that religion is b.s. and become nonbelievers themselves. Maybe we should call such ministers not "Christians" but "petty fidians" or even "nullifidians".

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