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The Expansionist
Saturday, March 14, 2009
Newspeak on Embryonic Stem-Cell Research. Former President Bill Clinton had the unmitigated gall to say* that killing embryos in medical research is PRO-LIFE! We have all long known that Bill Clinton has no morality, but when he dares to turn language on its head and say that murdering babies is pro-life, he must be rebuked publicly and shunned universally. Adults have stem cells too, Mr. Clinton. Should we harvest the stem cells in YOU by slitting your throat and taking them from your corpse? Why not, if you think it's just fine to kill one person to save another? Why not, indeed.
You, Mr. Clinton, have hundreds of thousands of deaths on your hands as it is, in your monstrous sanctions against the people of Iraq, your delayed action in the Bosnian genocide, total inaction on mass murder in various countries around the world, etc. We can't kill you hundreds of thousands of times, but we can execute you once, and harvest everything in your body that might conceivably be of use, from heart and liver, to two kidneys and two lungs, to two corneas and various types of tissue that could be used, for instance, in grafts of ligaments. Your one now-evil body could be used for good, at long last, and several decent people could live longer at the very-cheap cost of your worthless life. A great bargain. Multiply that bargain by all the mad scientists who want to chop babies up for parts, 8 or more decent people saved for each executed "scientist", and we can save a lot of decent people at the same time as we end the mass slauter of innocents. That would be a HUGE bargain. Let's do it.
Insulting Mexico. The castrated losers who control the U.S. Government, alarmed by the extreme violence in the area of our Mexican border, are going to send TWO women to Mexico to tell the Mexican government what to do. Are they insane? Mexico is the country from which we got the word, and concept, "machismo". Latin men do not take orders from women. They still have their 'nads.
The United States wants to inflict Radical Feminism upon the world. The world doesn't want it. So we are consigning ourselves to failure in every aspect of our foreign policy with most of the planet in order to give 'lip service' (political cunnilingus) to the gender-confused losers who comprise all too large a proportion of today's feminists. Does it matter that Mexico will be insulted by being told what to do by Janet Napolitano and Hillary Clinton? Does it matter if Mexico refuses all suggestions from those women? Does it matter that Mexico's drug war, which has killed 8,000 people in the past two years, is spilling over into our territory? Yes, each and every one of those items matters. You don't send a woman to do a man's job. Because real men, who are the real power in most of the world, DO NOT TAKE ORDERS FROM WOMEN.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,258 — for Israel.)

* February 11, 2009 on Cable News Network's show Larry King Live , tho King himself was off that nite.

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