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The Expansionist
Monday, May 04, 2009
Helping Scammers. I saw an astonishing thing today, an article hilited on AOL that warns people about work-from-home job scams that is littered at the end with comments from scammers! The exact thing that the article warns about is placed at the end of that very article by work-from-home scammers! Doesn't anybody review or moderate comments at the AOL Find a Job area "in partnership with CareerBuilder.com"? The appearance of these "job offers" at the end of an article about scams constitutes a signal that they are legitimate, but they can't be legitimate. They have all the earmarks of the cons the article above warned about.
The chutzpah is astounding. The scammers plainly believe that many people who read their scam right under an article warning about scams will of course believe every word they say. And nobody checks the comments and deletes the scams? What is wrong with AOL and CareerBuilder.com?
Nor does the article above those scams tell people whom to contact in the event they have been scammed.
Once again, people are conned out of their hard cash right in front of Government, and Government does nothing! Scores of millions of Americans are ROBBED via the Internet every year, and lose tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, but Government maintains an absolute hands-off attitude: 'if people are so stupid as to fall for these obvious scams, they deserve to be robbed'. No. They don't.
We need a way to remove officials who don't do their duty. We need popular impeachment. Recall is not enuf, and carries no consequence but removal from office. We need a means by which the people can IMPRISON officials whose dereliction of duty is so heinous and unforgivable that they need at the least to be sent to prison, or be flogged, or, in extraordinary cases, executed. Give some thought to how we can do that, and let me know: xpus{at-sign}aol.com.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,284 — for Israel.)

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