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The Expansionist
Monday, May 25, 2009
Honoring Treason. President Obama has disgraced himself and the Nation is sending a wreath to honor the people who killed hundreds of thousands of genuine, loyal Americans in the Civil War. All the Confederate dead deserved to die, as punishment for high treason and for mass murder of Americans, all in the service of SLAVERY — BLACK slavery. What next, a wreath to Al-Qaeda's 19 "heroes" who died on 9/11?
It is due to the refusal of what should be moral leaders in this country to condemn the glorification of the Confederacy, that we have traitors like Texas Governor Rick Perry talking about attempting to secede again! Obama should have ended the practice of honoring the Confederacy and urged the entire Nation to destroy all Confederate monuments and rename highways and other physical landmarks now named for Confederate traitors: no more "Robert E. Lee Highways" and "Jefferson Davis Avenues". No more "Daughters of the Confederacy" or "Sons of Confederate Veterans". No more falsification of reality by calling the Civil War the "War Between the States" or, as an Associated Press story today did, "Between the North and the South". The war was never between states but between federal unions, one called the "United States of America", the other called the "Confederate States of America". It wasn't a bunch of separate states in a wild melee, but an organized insurrection of a group of states against the "Perpetual Union" they had all joined, voluntarily, during the Revolutionary War. They had an opportunity after the terrors of that war had passed, to leave that union but instead voluntarily, all, joined the subsequent "more perfect union" created by the Constitution of 1787. That rededication to a permanent union left them without a single legal leg to stand on. What existed in 1861 was not an aggregation of sovereign states that then fought among themselves but an honorable Union fiting a dishonorable Confederacy fiting for the "states' right" of slavery.
It's time for that mythical "New South" we have been hearing about for decades to finally appear and renounce the treason of the past. Let Southerners now patriotically unite to tear down and melt all those bronze statues to Confederate generals or officeholders, just as the people of Iraq tore down that statue to Saddam. Tear down and crush into gravel all those stone statues to Confederate soldiers and politicians, and chisel off the bas-relief carving in Stone Mountain, Georgia that practically deifies Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis. That appalling, defiant treason was not just permitted but actually in part FUNDED by the Federal Government, which has all too long been timid about condemning as unrepentant, outrite TREASON all honors bestowed upon the Confederacy. Wikipedia says:

Because of their deep involvement with the early fund-raising and their increasing political clout in Georgia, the [Ku Klux] Klan, along with the United Daughters of the Confederacy, were able to influence the ideology of the carving, and they strongly supported an explicitly Confederate memorial. Of the $250,000 raised, part came directly from the Ku Klux Klan but part came from the federal government, which in 1924 issued special fifty-cent coins with Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson on them.
This was in the era when the KKK actually paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., capital of the Nation that they and their spiritual antecedents, the "Confederate States of America" and its "heroes", tried to destroy.

This foto shows the KKK marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in 1925. (Found at http://racismandnationalconsciousnessnews.wordpress.com/2008/11/13/)

We have a lot to be ashamed of in our history, and most of that is the influence of the South, the albatross around our national neck that has kept us from behaving in accord with the principles set out in Philadelphia first in 1776 and then in 1787 — largely by, paradoxically, Virginians (Thomas Jefferson and James Madison). Even our worst President (before George W. Bush), Andrew Jackson of Tennessee, wasn't a secessionist. Indeed, he made plain to South Carolina, which even during his tenure was talking of secession, that there was no right to secede:
South Carolina, the President declared, stood on "the brink of insurrection and treason," .... "The Constitution ... forms a government not a league .... To say that any State may at pleasure secede from the Union is to say that the United States is not a nation."
I have no doubt that had South Carolina — where Jackson himself said he was born (tho there is some uncertainty about that) — attempted to secede during Jackson's tenure, he would have CRUSHED it with overwhelming force, perhaps starting with a massive naval bombardment, followed by a massive marine and army landing from naval vessels and the destruction of all of South Carolina's major cities. And Jackson would have HANGED Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, the mass murderer Nathan Bedford Forrest, and every other Confederate "hero" he could get his hands on.
What did the Nation actually do to them? It put a statue of Robert E. Lee, the worst traitor any country has ever had the misfortune to suffer, in Statuary Hall in the Capitol Building of the Nation he tried his damnedest to destroy! And we wonder why anyone is talking about secession again?
The way to deal with high treason is high hanging. If any state, be it Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, or any other, tries to secede, thinking we will be as gentle this time as the last, and the would-be secessionists can pose as honorable people, "heroes" entitled to be enshrined in U.S. literature and Statuary Hall, let us make plain that we will raze all their cities to the ground and kill every last soldier in any secessionist army — surrender will merely win lethal injection rather than hanging — then burn their bodies and scatter the ashes in some undisclosed location so no one can honor their "final resting place". And then, to make sure their descendants — if we do not simply kill them off too — do not spitefully establish organizations (including violent, insurrectionary organizations) to honor them, we should first sterilize, then exile to foreign countries every descendant of any secessionist soldier or politician and replace them all, every last one, with immigrants. Governor Perry, how difficult do you think it would be to replace you and all your ilk with MEXICANS willing to swear allegiance unto the seventh generation in exchange for being allowed to enter this golden land?
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,300 — for Israel.)

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