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The Expansionist
Monday, May 18, 2009
Kissing Israel's Ass. Barack Obama has humiliated the United States once again, in bowing down to our Zionist overlord, the people who own the U.S. Government lock, stock, and barrel. Once more, a U.S. President has made a public spectacle of french-kissing Israel's ass. His tongue was so far up Israel's butthole today that it's more than a little surprising that he was able to speak at all. But he did manage to get out the obligatory, endless tripe about U.S. dedication to the pursuit of peace.
There is no peace without justice. Obama should know that. There has long been a chant among civil-rights activists, "No justice, no peace." Israel will NEVER do justice to the Palestinians. Ergo, there will never be peace.
Nor will the United States ever put any real pressure on Israel. All it will do is pose as devoted to peace and equal treatment of Palestinians with Israelis, while secretly pressing money into the hands of the Netanyahu government and telling them, "This is what I really mean. But you know that, don't you?
When will Americans end this charade, and keep our money home or give it to the Palestinians to create a country that can give some dignity and opportunity to people whom we have so long wronged? It's time for Americans to rise in indignation and tell this so-called President of Change that it's time for massive, fundamental change in U.S. policy in the Middle East. Tell Obama:
You pretend to be opposed to the expansion of Jewish settlements in Palestine but will continue to send Israel 3 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars a year — at a time when we are in appalling deficits — to fund the very expansion of settlements you pretend to oppose! You pretend to be concerned about saving the taxpayer money we don't have to spend, and brag about demanding your Administration find $17 billion in savings. How about saving $3 billion a year by ending the U.S. subsidy of Israel?

No one on Earth is so stupid as to believe that the U.S. Government is even-handed in the Middle East, or is in the slitest serious about peace. You talk the talk but money speaks louder than words. When you CUT ISRAEL OFF WITHOUT A CENT, then the world might believe you're different. Until then, you are just GEORGE BUSH, JR., arch-Zionist enemy of Palestinians and all other Arabs, and of human rights and equal treatment of all human beings without regard to race, CREED, or any other of the long laundry list of things that we PRETEND to be blind to.

Don't you ever get tired of being a HYPOCRITE?

Two states is no solution — unless they were U.S. states, which would be forbidden to discriminate on the basis of religion or race; and there'd be no need for two states in so tiny an area if discrimination were forbidden; one would do very nicely: the State of Palestine.

Israel insists on a "right of return" for Jews who NEVER lived in Palestine, and indeed, who have no ancestor who ever lived in Palestine, but refuses to Palestinians who were actually born in Palestine the right to return to the land stolen from them by Jews. And that's just fine with you. It's not fine with us. If Jews have a right of return, so do Palestinians. That's what is meant by equal treament under law, a fundamental principle of American civilization and of human rights across the globe.

There is only one solution that will actually produce peace: DISSOLVE Israel into Palestine — the One-State Solution, the single state of United Palestine. "UP" with peace. Let Jews remain in Palestine only as equals with Moslem and Christian Palestinians, not their superiors, not their overlords, not their oppressors nor concentration-camp guards.

"No justice, no peace." Do justice. Then we will have peace. But if you won't do justice, stop talking about peace. Blather, palaver, yodda yodda yodda. We don't need more noise pollution. Actions speak louder than words. Conform your actions to your words — or shut the f*k up.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,296 — for Israel.)

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