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The Expansionist
Sunday, May 17, 2009
Rad Fem Prop Crap in Horseracing. There has been an explosion of Radical Feminist nonsense about the extremely rare win of the Preakness by a filly. NBC Nitely News actually said, "It's not a man's world" anymore, as the leadup to its coverage. Huh? The winner of the race was a horse, not a woman. The jockey was a man. Indeed, every single jockey in the race was a man. (Well, I didn't hear of any female jockeys, so must assume that all the jockeys were men.) Remember the Rad Fem excitement when women were 'invading the male preserve' of professional jockeys? What ever happened to that? In reality, then, today's Preakness still was indeed a man's world. As to the horses, that's another matter altogether.
Horses are not people; racehorses take performance-enhancng drugs, legally; and fillies are generally slower than male horses. There's a reason for that, in biology. If a filly cannot be caught by the stallions in breeding season, she does not reproduce. So the genes that gave rise to her excessively high speed are eliminated from the gene pool. There's a message there for all the Radical Feminists glorying in this silly, humanly-meaningless triumph of one filly in one race. A lot of Radical Feminists don't reproduce either, so any genes that might explain their deviant sexual attitudes are eliminated from the human gene pool.
Absent genetic predisposition, Radical Feminism may be doomed to failure among girls and women in general, for we have assuredly seen the failure of Radical Feminist propaganda to remake girls into men with vaginas. Baby girls respond more favorably to pink than to blue; little girls prefer dolls to toy trucks or guns; older girls like to dress up and wear makeup. Four decades and more of endless Rad Fem prop crap have failed to do more than increase the popularity of pants, somewhat, among women — tho often of distinctly feminine sorts, wider, flowing, in softer fabrics and colors — and produce a delusion of self-sufficiency that has induced many women to throw away stable relationships and find their lives infinitely harder for having to provide, by themselves, for the children they self-determinedly insisted on having outside marriage. Their financial burdens are greater, and they have little or no emotional support or companionship. Unfortunately, by the time they realize they have made a terrible mistake, it's too late, and they have to live with the consequences for 18 and more years.
So glory on, Rad Fem propagandists. You have it all. Good thing, too, because you have to do it all, all by yourself. You get to enjoy the daily grind of a job you need rather than love. Then go home to an empty house, or a hard life as a single mother. And after your 18-hour day, you get to sleep the sleep of the just (just exhausted, that is). And you have the whole bed to yourself! Ah, it's a wonderful life, isn't it? And today capped it all off. You won the Preakness! Ain't life grand? Who said the best revenge is living well? Must be some stupid man.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,296 — for Israel.)

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