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The Expansionist
Monday, July 27, 2009
Barack Pussyboy. The Obama Administration pretends to be pressuring Israel to stop building settlements in the so-called "Occupied Territories" — tho of course all of "Israel" is occupied territory. The Israeli government isn't paying the slitest attention to Obama, because they know he's just playing the game, making nice noises to pacify the Arab world and domestic opinion, but will NEVER do anything to stop Israel from doing anything it wants, be it building settlements or attacking Iran, not even so timid a move as REDUCING U.S. financial and military aid, much less ENDING it. Even when the Federal Government's deficit is enormous, Obama won't save U.S. taxpayers the $3 BILLION we ship off to Israel each and every year without end. That is not just politically but also fiscally unwise. And that continuing extreme largesse to Zionism shows the reality: Obama, as much as any other Radical Zionist in the U.S. Government, is actively SUBSIDIZING Israeli misbehavior, HELPING expand the settlements. Yes, U.S. tax dollars, budgeted by Barack Obama's team, build the very settlements that Obama pretends to deplore!
There's plenty to deplore in the behavior of Israel, and not just with regard to settlements.

The creation of Israel was a mistake. Mistakes should be corrected, not compounded. And the only way to correct the mistake of creating Israel is to UNCREATE it, to dissolve it into United Palestine, a multireligious and multiethnic single country where no one lords it over anyone else but everyone is treated fairly. That is the only way to bring peace in that region: to DISSOLVE Israel, just as the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and East Germany were dissolved. That's what sensible people mean when they talk of "wiping Israel off the map". Check today's maps. I defy you to find the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and East Germany on that map — or French West Africa, the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, or Gran Colombia. All those entities have vanished from the map, without genocide. For Zionists to say that the only way Israel can be wiped off the map is by genocide is a willful, deliberate LIE, carefully crafted to appeal to the fears of the most simpleminded people in the American public, a group known far and wide for its ignorance of the world. There are indeed large numbers of Americans who cannot find even the United States on a world map. People who couldn't locate Israel, the West Bank, or Gaza on a world map in less than 20 minutes, yet who 'believe' the U.S. has a sacred duty to defend Israel, are heeded when it comes to U.S. policy in the Middle East! Ignoramuses should not set policy in anything.
Why do so many people in the U.S. feel that it is our God-given duty to defend Israel, no matter the cost in dollars or American lives? The media, schools, and churches of the United States have for 60 years tirelessly told the American people that Israel is a noble experiment that we simply (good word, that: "simply") have to support to the hilt, even if that should mean World War III! After all, what is the destruction of the United States, filled with "blasphemers" and "goyim", as against the safety of "God's Chosen People"? It is as nothing. 290 million Christians are nothing to God. 5 million Jews are everything.
If you do not see it as the obligation of the United States to lay down its life on the altar of Zionism, tell Obama to stop playing pattycake with Zionism and end all U.S. complicity in the crimes of Israel, lest when unrestrained Israel launches an attack upon Iran, we are blamed, and are drawn into the probable escalation of that initial attack into an Iranian counterattack, and a further Israeli attack, with nuclear weapons, and a counterattack with nuclear weapons by Russia and/or Communist China. Current U.S. policy is to race into that madness, even if — no: even THO — that would produce a full-scale nuclear war between the U.S. on the one side and Russia and China on the other.
Israeli politicians may feel not only that God is on their side, but also that God will protect them from any consequences if they attack Iran. They are also convincing themselves that Iran is getting ready to produce nuclear weapons, and will succeed in doing so within something like five years, at which time it will be too late for Israel to attack. So Israel's warhawks are planning measures before then.
Obama must distance the United States from Israel's impending attack, and tell the world that we did not preapprove it, we did not assist it, we will not back it with any action whatsoever, and any adverse consequence that befalls Israel due to such an attack is Israel's sole responsibility, because the United States will not so much as lift one little finger to save Israel from its own madness and criminality. If Obama does not make plain that any Iran attack is Israel's doing, not ours, but lets the world continue to believe that the United States will stop at nothing, including World War III, to "protect" Israel — but how would causing the great cities of the United States to be incinerated, save Israel, which will already have been incinerated by the time the U.S. launches its first missile at Russia or China? — the history of the United States may end by 2014.
The Mayan calendar apparently ends on December 21st, 2012 — tho some Maya scholars say that that is just one cycle of a self-renewing calendar that will in 2012 begin anew. Other people, however, say that's not true, and there are other prophecies of worldwide cataclysm in 2012, from other cultures. Who knows? There may even be Jewish Doomsdayers in the Israeli military and political leadership who believe that God will destroy Israel's enemies, thru their actions — on December 21st, 2012. Will that be the day that a national tombstone will be engraved?

United States of America

(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,328 — for Israel.)

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