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The Expansionist
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Censored But Not Stilled. ABC News Niteline last nite posed as its "Closing Arguments" topic Hillary Clinton's outrage at being asked, as she put it, to "channel her husband" in regard to some policy issue. I went to that website and offered a comment, but it did not appear, despite my seeing a notice that it had been received. (Comments offered earlier in time and later were, however, published.) So I guess I was censored by the moderator — perhaps a low-paid Radical Feminist who knows she is being exploited by a "glamor industry" that underpays women because it can. Little did s/he know that I have a blog, so don't need to rely upon a lowly production assistant (or whatever) at ABC to have my remarks reach the Internet. That ABC News area presumably reaches a great many more people than does this blog, but I reach whom I can. Here is the banned comment:
Hillary Clinton is NOBODY. She is a MESSENGER, not entitled to pronounce on policy from her own point of view. Her sole purpose is to represent the PRESIDENT's views, and she is NOT the President -- the electorate saw to that. Nor, hopefully, will she ever BE President. Her husband is important in his own right. (And, by the way, you don't "channel" living people. The absurd term "channel" in the sense Hillary used the word is from charlatans who pretend to tune in to the dead.) Hillary's only importance, ever, is that she was the wife of an important man. She is hated widely, at home and abroad, and her dyky clothing and behavior is NEVER going to influence foreign leaders favorably. The great preponderance of important people in the world are and in all likelihood always will be MEN who DO NOT TAKE ORDERS FROM WOMEN. The choice of Hillary as Secretary of State was STUPID, and consigns us to be looked upon with contempt all over the world, as a bunch of pussywhipped losers. Real men control other countries, and actively disrespect American "men". We have had three female Secretaries of State. All have been appalling failures. Insensitivity to the reality of the world guarantees that the United States will continue to FAIL to change the world for the better, in large part because the world doesn't want to become a pussywhipped monstrosity like the United States, where men are victimized by divorce laws and endlessly demeaned by movies and TV shows that hundreds of millions of people in many countries look upon with horror. Were the only choice available to them to be between the Taliban and a castrated culture like that of the United States today, at least 85% of the world, and 97% of the Third World, would choose the Taliban. Indeed, if the truth be told, real American men have mixed feelings about Taliban-style male assertiveness. They agree that it goes too far, but the idea of men being respected appeals to men who respect themselves.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,331 — for Israel.)

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