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The Expansionist
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Confederacy II, The Sequel. 2009 feels very much as 1861 must have felt to Americans looking at the savage intolerance and wild rhetoric of Southern loons who actually thought they could destroy the United States because they didn't like the way an election went, and could not face the fact that history was about to move on and leave their "peculiar institution" (black slavery) in the dust. Again we hear talk of secession. Again we see people taking guns near the President.
Let us make plain that if there is a rerun of the Civil War, the result will be the same, except much, much worse for the South. We learned from the first Civil War that you can't forgive and forget. When we tried to 'heal the Nation's wounds', the Rebels took that as recognition that their cause was just, and that the North had no guts nor the stomach to carry thru the emancipation of blacks. The unrepentant South undid Reconstruction, took away the rights that the Union Army had delivered for black Americans, then organized the Ku Klux Klan and similar groups to employ systematic terrorism to enforce white supremacy, which was recodified in laws passed by Southern states in defiance of the Fourteenth Amendment. The North stood idly by, and let it all happen, because for many Northerners, the war was about the indissolubility of the Union, not emancipation, much less political or social equality for all races.
The moral of the story is that if "the South shall rise again", the penalties imposed upon the defeated traitors must be MASS DEATH. Leave none alive. If they take up arms against the Union, the Union must KILL THEM ALL, and replace them with immigrants — preferably nonwhite, Spanish-speaking, Catholic immigrants to make fundamental and irreversible changes to the South and finally bring it into the Union of whole heart.
The very least that should happen to traitors who serve in the political organizations (all participants in insurrectionary military organizations should be executed, summarily: you find them with a gun in their hands, you kill them) that incite mass treason is forced sterilization — castration is quick and permanent — so that there will be no future "Sons of Veterans of the Second Confederacy", pair to the present treason-minded organization Sons of Confederate Veterans. Had we sterilized every Rebel soldier in 1865, there would be no SCV nor League of the South today to stir up secession talk and destabilize people whose grasp on reality is tenuous at best. Governor Rick Perry (listed by Wikipedia as a member of SCV) should be made to understand with certitude that if he even TRIES to take Texas out of the Union, he will, at the least, be castrated, and possibly both castrated first and executed second. And his execution should be by hanging — and not trapdoor-gallows hanging. Place a noose around his neck (and, appropriately, a hood over his face so witnesses don't have to suffer unpleasant images), then hoist him slowly off the ground so he can dance his way to hell.
There is too much of the "good old boy" glorification of a savage version of manhood in the South. We need to cut it out of the culture, just as we tame some horses and bulls: with a knife. You don't geld your best animals, but Southern racists and secessionists are not remotely our best animals. Animals, yes. Best? No. And when the gene pool has been tidied up a bit, the moron population in southern portions of the United States will plummet. Recruiting sturdy, intelligent people from Mexico and points, um, south will replace Southern indolence with Mexican industriousness, and the Nation will profit mightily.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,344 — for Israel.)

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