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The Expansionist
Saturday, September 12, 2009
Insincerity and Idiocy on Afghanistan. Two quite different men, George F. Will and Senator Carl Levin, have both come out publicly as opposing the addition of large numbers of U.S. troops to Afghanistan. Both make public pretensions, obviously disingenuous, that the Afghan government and society themselves must assume the main burden of defeating the Taliban and bringing Afghanistan into the modern world, and our role should be (at least relatively) reduced. George F. Will, an extremely stupid man I have long despised and held in considerable contempt, pretends, at least for the general public, to believe that unmanned drones and the occasional airstrike will suffice to keep the Taliban from retaking all of Afghanistan — even as reports surface that the Taliban operates with impunity in some 80% or more of the country, even WITH all the U.S. and NATO troops on the scene.
George Will is a Rightwinger who plainly has enlisted in the campaign to disgrace the current President, even if it should bring disaster to Afghanistan, a new Taliban government, reopened Al-Qaeda training camps, and more attacks on U.S. territory, embassies, etc., by people trained in Afghanistan. The Rightwing is so militantly hostile to a Democratic President — any Democrat, but especially the current BLACK Democrat — that they are willing to risk humiliation of the United States Government and renewed attacks upon the "homeland" to oust him.
What is Democratic Senator Carl Levin's excuse?
I am so disgusted with that Jewish Senator that I sent the following message via feedback form at his website:

If the Taliban announced that upon triumphant expulsion of the Americans, the restored Taliban government would bring tens of thousands of Palestinian militants to Afghanistan and give them intense military training, then arm them to the teeth and send them back to Palestine to kill Jews at the highest levels of the Israeli government and to wipe out Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories, would you be so blasé about the possibility of a massive U.S. failure in Afghanistan because YOU oppose sending more troops? I doubt it. Your devotion is, I suspect, not to the United States but to Israel, and if the Taliban were a danger to Israel rather than to the United States, you wouldn't hesitate to send a HUNDRED THOUSAND troops to Afghanistan. By the way, Senator, do you really think the Taliban has NO designs on Israel?
The stupidity of the human race never fails to amaze me. George Will suggests that we can't win a war in Afghanistan with 62,000 men but could with 0. Carl Levin says we can't win with 62,000 troops today, but can tomorrow if the Afghans themselves will just step up. He pretends that we can somehow magically make the current inept and corrupt government 'ept' and honest, and thus able to win the support of the people. Does he suggest we overthrow the crook Karzai? And install whom? Abdullah Abdullah? Do we know that he actually would have won the election if it were completely clean? And if the current government does not have the support of the people, why would Afghans unite to defy and defeat the Taliban if they will be mowed down because there's no one to protect them?
Levin favors an Afghan "surge". What he doesn't admit is that to the extent there was any lasting success from the surge of U.S. troops in Iraq it is because an increased U.S. presence emboldened Iraqis to turn against insurgents they had not dared to oppose openly before, because to oppose them before an increased U.S. presence, would have meant death. Levin wants to pretend the Afghan government and military are capable of carrying out their own surge, even tho they haven't done so heretofore, WITHOUT any increased U.S. cover to embolden them. On what basis does he reach such an astonishingly, contemptibly STUPID conclusion?
Nancy Pelosi is also openly opposing more troops for Afghanistan, solidifying her place in history as the very worst Speaker of the House this Nation has ever had, and possibly the very worst there will ever be.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,343 — for Israel.)

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