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The Expansionist
Thursday, February 25, 2010
Execute the Orca, and the Executives. The executives of Sea World refuse to kill the serial-killer orca, Tilikum. It's time for government to step in, to kill the whale and the subhuman scum who have now consented to have THREE people killed by that monster. Sea World knew when it bought the beast that it had already participated with two other (unpunished) orcas in killing one trainer, yet the now-defunct aquarium in British Columbia did not have the animal "put down". Those executives are accessories before the fact in the subsequent deaths of TWO MORE people, and should be put to death, along with the executives of Sea World, for serial murder. Orcas commit murder only of other orcas, but the human co-conspirators who did not execute that monster did commit murder in co-conspiring to keep it alive, and thus enabling it to kill again, and again. Who knows how many MORE times it will be permitted to kill people with impunity?
It is CRIMINAL ACTIVITY to keep alive an animal that kills people. If it were a dog, there's no question what would be done: it would be killed after the FIRST human death. We would not let it kill twice more and even then do nothing. An orca should be treated no differently: kill it. What is wrong with this country that there is not a massive, furious, unanimous outcry to kill that monster? Has the entire country lost its mind?
Let the water out of its pool, then shoot it thru the brain with a high-powered rifle; harpoon it thru the brain or heart. Do whatever needs to be done to kill it. Then chop it up and feed it to the sharks and other animals in Sea World, or nearby zoos. Kill it, kill it, kill it. And then turn to the executives responsible for these three human deaths — every one of them, at any level, associated with any institution, in any country, who was responsible for keeping this or any other orca alive after it had killed ANY human being, and kill them too. Behead them, shoot into their brains thru the face — whatever it takes — and chop them up for parts for decent people. Tissue-type them first, match up all their usable organs with desperately ill people on waiting lists for organ transplants, then kill them as punishment for their crimes and as lesson to other fools: Don't do insanely stupid and criminally irresponsible things, or we'll kill you too.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,379 — for Israel.)

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