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The Expansionist
Saturday, March 13, 2010
Kicking Obama in the Balls by Kicking Biden in the Teeth. Smiley Joe Biden went to Israel and (other parts of) Palestine this week, and while he was all toothy grins, making nice to the Radical Zionists, the Israeli Government announced that it would build 1,600 more units of Jewish housing in the Palestinian West Bank, effectively telling Biden, and Obama, to go f* themselves. Smiley didn't realize that he was being stabbed in the back, because he was facing the Israeli Prime Minister, and the attack was launched by a junior henchman from behind. Mind you, the PM in no way disowned the action announced the very day Biden arrived, so while one Israeli official stabbed Biden in the back, the other kicked him in those pearly whites, and Smiley just kept on smiling.
Surely Biden realized that he had been set up and betrayed in an extremely public way, but he kept on telling the world that there is no space between the United States and Israel, and pretending aloud that the Middle East's security is best served by leaving no doubt that the United States is 100% Zionist, and will never do anything to injure Israel in any regard, not even if Israel tells the U.S. very publicly to go f* itself a thousand times over.
The Palestinians did what they had to do. They told Smiley that Israel is not serious about peace, and Smiley's 13,000-mile roundtrip was a complete and utter waste of time and fuel — and, tho the Palestinians probably did not make this point, a profligate contribution to "greenhouse gases". What the Palestinians really need to say, in so many words, is
Israel doesn't want peace. It wants Palestine.
There will never be peace until Israel is dissolved, and merged into a democratic, multiethnic and multireligious Unified or United Palestine, in which Jews have absolutely no special rights and which cannot be called "The Jewish State", because that is racist, theocratic, and factually wrong. It is grotesque for the United States, which is fiting a worldwide war against Islamic theocracy, to embrace and finance Jewish theocracy.
So what will the U.S. do about the calculated, deliberate offense Israel visited upon Smiley Boy? Nothing.
Why not?, you may wonder. Because the Israel Lobby is a potent Fifth Column in the United States that owns Congress lock, stock, and barrel. If Obama wants healthcare to pass, he cannot defy Israel, because Jews in Congress will vote to humiliate Obama and render him a hugely unpopular, one-term, failed President, that's why.
The thought of a vote for Obamacare very soon worries Radical Zionists, because if Obama's version of universal healthcare passes any time soon, while the insult to Biden, Obama, and the people of the United States is fresh in people's minds, Obama might actually take revenge on Israel, by ENDING U.S. financial support of all kinds and distancing itself from the present Israeli Government, putting all kinds of space between the two countries — which might well bring down the Government that attacked Biden and Obama, instead of the other way around.
So don't be surprised if the Zionist Lobby holds up a vote on healthcare for several weeks, to give time for stupid Americans, who remember nothing very long, to forget that Israel sprang a trap on the Vice President of the United States, lest a few Americans find their b ... guts, and teach Israel a badly needed lesson. We can be a very good friend, or a catastrophic enemy. You kick us in the teeth, we beat you to death. Iraq isn't the only country we can bomb mercilessly in two or three weeks of Shock and Awe, then invade, occupy, and fundamentally change. Believe it or not, Israel, there are limits to what we will tolerate.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,382 — for Israel.)

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