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The Expansionist
Friday, April 30, 2010
Oh, Yes, Let's Have More Offshore Drilling! The ever-growing oil slick heading for the Louisiana coast proves again the madness of Barack the Faithless declaring that the U.S. Federal Government should open much more of the U.S. coastline to offshore drilling. Congress needs to demand that all such plans be revoked.
CBS News said today, of the disaster floating toward Louisiana, that ("worst-case scenario") "The cost to tourism and shipping could be $40 million a day. The cost of cleanup could be $1 billion." NBC said that 400 species of wildlife are threatened by this massive and ongoing oil leak. What a nifty thing Obama wants for us. He's got to be stopped.
Every one of the Radical Rightists who have been chanting "Drill, baby, drill!" should be forced into an army of unpaid "volunteers" to try to stop the oil from reaching the shore, save birds and other wildlife, and clean up the mess that this disaster is producing. They have been pretending that today's technology makes offshore drilling completely safe. Sure it has. Let them see for themselves how well the modern "blowout valve" that should have shut off the oil leak immediately after the mishap works. Oops: DOESN'T work.
For that matter, President Obama himself, and all the advisers who told him to permit more offshore drilling, should as well be required to stop everything else they are doing and go down to the Louisiana coast to use their own muscles to fite this spill. It is too easy to sit in Government offices in Washington and make decisions that produce catastrophes a thousand miles away. Let them see what they want to risk for the entire East Coast from Virginia south. Maybe when they fite an actual catastrophic oil leak, they will change their minds.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,394 — for Israel.)

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