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The Expansionist
Thursday, September 30, 2010
Monsters in Media. I was appalled tonite to see, on two different late-nite shows, hideous, inhuman callousness paraded as "humor".
First, Jay Leno introduced some clown who purported to have made a time machine, in which he traveled back to Ford's Theater on the nite Lincoln was (to be) shot. He sees the President, alive, and realizes he can save him by going over and warning him. Then an attractive young blonde woman sits down next to him, and he is so distracted with making moves on her that he completely forgets about Lincoln, and remembers only as a shot rings out. That is Jay Leno's idea of humor? Monstrous. The vile fool who performed that ugly, subhuman bit should be stripped naked, tied to a post, and flogged a minimum of 50 lashes with a cat-o-nine-tails. Jay Leno should also be stripped naked and flogged. As to whether more lashes are warranted for Leno and the producers who approved that hideousness than the moron who played the bit, I'm open to input. Everyone responsible for this crass, ugly, inhuman "comedy" should be banished from media for life.
I then turned, in disgust, to Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel offered a pre-recorded "humorous" bit with Canadian comic actor Ryan Reynolds, in which Reynolds is working a couple of doors down, so stops in to see Kimmy. Jimmy tells him he has a staffer who is a big fan, and asks Reynolds to stop by her cubicle to say hello, which would give her a thrill. Jimmy then tells Reynolds that she is going to be fired in an hour, and a visit from Reynolds would make her firing sting less. Reynolds consents, and stops by her cubicle. She is thrilled. As Reynolds is talking to her, Kimmel comes up and instructs Reynolds to tell her for him. He is uncomfortable, but does. She is stunned, shouts in anguish, repeatedly, "Why? Why?", then leaves, devastated. That is Jimmy Kimmel's idea of humor. He and Reynolds should as well be flogged, then banished from media for life. Reynolds, a f*king foreigner who takes work away from Americans in their own country, should also be deported, and banned from visiting or even overflying the United States for the rest of his ugly life.
It is times like this that I can sympathize with the revulsion that decent people in the decent countries of the world feel for "Hollywood" (shorthand for America's deformed entertainment media). If this cruel, vile trash were truly representative of American culture, the United States would indeed deserve to be totally destroyed. How are people who don't live here supposed to know that we are not remotely like that? Alas, we are BECOMING like the monster society we are endlessly attacked by in television and films. We are losing our humanity, and becoming a vicious, unfeeling, brutal society of uncaring bullies, due to mind-poisoning by the toxic waste we are endlessly assailed by via TV, film, and the Internet.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,424 — for Israel.)

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