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The Expansionist
Friday, October 15, 2010
More Colorful Billboards or Mailers for Democrats (with .PDF). My colleague in northern England thought these would have more impact. I initially thought, when he proposed coloring the graffics red for Republicans and blue for Democrats, that he meant only a thicker, more prominent outline map. Here's what he actually meant, and supplied for use here.

Being poor, on Social Security, I always think about costs, and ink is expensive. But I completely agree that these britely colored graffics would make a much stronger impression. They bring a whole new meaning to Red States and Blue States, don't they?
By the way, I don't generally like the use of a 48-state U.S. outline to represent the 50-state Union, but it works better graffically than would a map that includes Alaska and Hawaii. If we annex Canada (as several States of the Union), we can use that outline instead, dropping only Hawaii from the symbolic outline.

Looks natural, doesn't it?
While we're talking about graffics, I don't think I have shown the Expansionist Party's logo here.

Nor the version with the flag superimposed.

But the most important visuals to consider right now are the "GOP = Made in Communist China" and "DEMS = Made in USA" graffics. If you'd like to use the China/U.S. graffics yourself, simply right-click and Save them to your own computer. Print them out for your own flyers. Mail them to candidates and the DNC, county and state committees, newspapers, whatever. Shake things up your own self.
P.S. It occurred to me after I had posted this, that some people might not know how to create their own flyer from the graffics above, so I created a printable .PDF version of a flyer with the two graffics and some text. If you like the text, you can simply print that .PDF, then put it up on bulletin boards and in other (lawful) locations, send it out to key people, etc., as suggested above.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,425 — for Israel.)

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