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The Expansionist
Thursday, October 28, 2010
O'Reilly's 'Muslim Problem' Idiocy. Fox News pundit Bill O'Reilly asserted on Don Imus's Fox radio show Tuesday that the problem with Islam is not extremists but Moslems generally:
So you assume the good Muslims outnumber the bad Muslims 10:1. That's usually the ratio on any group. Well, 10:1 overwhelms. So if the good Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan would join with NATO and the U.S.A., there would be no Taliban insurrection. There would be no Al-Qaeda cave-dwellers. They'd be gone. So we have a Muslim problem, not a Muslim extremist problem.
Let's apply this 'reasoning' to other groups. 28,000 Mexicans have died from drug-cartel violence in recent years, and the Mexican government has been unable to suppress the drug gangs. Ergo, Mexicans generally must be in favor of the drug cartels and their actions. The United States has a street-gang problem. Ergo, Americans must support the Bloods and Crips because otherwise "they'd be gone". Ditto Mafia, tax cheats, drug addicts stealing to support their drug habit — and on and on. Bill O'Reilly is either (1) a fool or (2) a manipulative S.O.B. who knows that what he is saying is pure NONSENSE but says it anyway to drum up anti-Moslem sentiment. For whatever reason.
Happily, Imus rejected O'Reilly's idiocy and called him that morning's "pinhead". Thank you, Imus.

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