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The Expansionist
Monday, November 15, 2010
Fiting Tax Cuts for the Rich. I emailed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, my own Representative and Senators in Congress, and the President — all by feedback form at their websites — to try to give them some backbone in fiting FOR the poor and middle class, and AGAINST the rich. This is the message I sent to members of Congress.
Please do NOT compromise on ending tax breaks for the rich! The tax cuts have plainly NOT created jobs (in the United States; in China and India, maybe), but HAVE increased the deficit. The Republicans keep talking about cutting the deficit as their very highest priority, so they cannot POSSIBLY justify a tax cut for the rich that will INCREASE the deficit. The Democrats must submit legislation to renew the present tax rates for the poor and middle class ONLY, and refuse Republican efforts to amend that legislation to include the rich. Force Republicans to vote up or down on tax cuts for the poor and middle class. Force them to go on record as opposing tax cuts for the poor and middle class, if they are serious about that, so the people can finally see plainly that Republicans are their enemy.

Let the Republicans offer their own, separate bill to cut taxes for the rich, and then vote against it, showing the people that Democrats will NOT let Republicans increase the deficit to benefit the rich.

Stick it to the Republicans by telling the American people "We want the poor and middle class to continue to have low taxes. The Republicans want to RAISE the taxes on the middle class if we won't give the rich, super-rich, and OBSCENELY rich, tax breaks they DON'T NEED and that do absolutely no good for the economy but, quite the contrary, INCREASE the deficit and burden your children and grandchildren with hundreds of billions more dollars of debt."

Point out who OWNS the national debt, and who gets the interest from the Treasury securities that fund it — which largely explains why the Republicans have OCTUPLED the national debt during their Administrations ever since 1980.

Tell the President he can screw himself, but he's not going to screw the American people. (You don't have to use those exact words, but feel free to. I generally don't approve of sexual rhetoric in politics, but it fits here, doesn't it?)

You can also tell Obama that it doesn't matter how much he gives in to the Republicans, they are still going to try to impeach him — because he's black, and the Republican base is racist, rural, white men. They will NEVER accept Obama's legitimacy, but will push and push and push to force him out of the WHITE House. And they're not going to wait till 2012.

Tell Obama in no uncertain terms that if he gives in to the Republicans and they nonetheless try to impeach him, you will work WITH them, and use all your influence to get all House Democrats — and Senate Democrats — to join in impeaching him! If Obama won't stick to any principle, he SHOULD go. "Our way, or the highway, buddy!" And if the Republicans somehow do not attempt to impeach, warn Obama that you will work hard to rally progressive Democrats to defeat him in the 2012 primaries, and nominate instead someone who won't sell out to the Nation's enemies — a REAL Democrat.
The version I sent to Obama has appropriate alterations, including deletion of the "screw himself" paragraph and a revised final paragraph:
You risk so antagonizing Democrats in Congress that if Republicans do try to impeach you, they will work WITH them to impeach! If you won't stick to any principle, you SHOULD go. If Republicans do not attempt to impeach (because they find you a useful tool), progressive Democrats will work very hard to defeat you in the 2012 primaries, and nominate instead someone who won't sell out to the Nation's enemies — a REAL Democrat. Republicans were wrong about the healthcare bill: THIS is your Waterloo moment.
I urge everyone hostile to the idea of running up the national debt even further, and continuing to subvert the economy just to benefit the rich who will just use their tax breaks to buy luxuries and fund the export of even more American jobs to China and India, to write your own messages to Pelosi, Reid, your own Congressmember and Senators, and the President. Just plug into Google or any other search engine the phrase "[name] email" to find their feedback form. The White House form says it allows a maximum of 2,500 characters, but their count is much higher than my word processor's, so you should probably not try to send more than about 2,100 characters.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,427 — for Israel.)

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