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The Expansionist
Thursday, December 09, 2010
Forging Alliances, Left/Right. I am hugely indignant at Barack the Faithless selling us out again, this time regarding tax cuts for the rich, and am heartened by resistance from Liberals, who must, unlike the President, fite for principle. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has stated his intention to filibuster, if need be, to stop Obama's betrayal of the American people.
Sanders is a democratic socialist, and an independent member of the Senate who caucuses with the Democrats. But I think he should reach out to the sincere members of the Tea Party, not yet in Congress but a force to be reckoned with, to stop the budget-busting boondoggle for the rich. Democrats have ceded the Tea Party to the Republicans, but there's no reason to do that.
So today I sent this message to Senator Sanders via feedback form at his website.
Senator Sanders: Urge the Tea Party to end tax breaks for the rich

Please appeal to the Tea Party to reject tax breaks for the rich that will increase the national debt by hundreds of billions of dollars. Tell them that this is NOT a temporary extension but a permanent extension of obscene benefits to the obscenely rich, since the Republican Party, which has co-opted them and is playing them for fools, will NEVER permit taxes to rise on the rich, no matter how much tax breaks for the richest people add to the deficit and the long-term debt that future generationS will have to pay for. Tell them that the present generation will find the deficit a huge drag on the economy and employment, because these tax breaks will NOT stimulate the economy but take money away from programs that MIGHT. Unless the Tea Party's rhetoric was all lies, Tea Partiers should be FURIOUS that the Republican Party is betraying Tea Party principles, even tho the Tea Party delivered millions of votes to Republican candidates who promised to be fiscally responsible. They should demand that tax breaks for the rich end, because there's no way to pay for them. Surely the Tea Party would rather that all tax breaks be ended and all segments of the Nation "share the sacrifice" needed to put our economic house in order. Altho newly elected Tea Party members of Congress have not yet taken office, surely they have enormous clout RIGHT NOW with which to batter down the Republican Party's (big) "business as usual" stance and force change consistent with Tea Party principles of personal responsibility and shared sacrifice.
We on the Liberal Left and the Tea Party do agree on some things, and in a democracy, we should always be willing to work with people of good conscience to achieve what is in the best interest of the Nation.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,430 — for Israel.)

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