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The Expansionist
Saturday, January 22, 2011
Evict Congressional Squatters. The CBS Evening News tonite discussed a bunch of Tea Party Republicans stating their intention to live in their Congressional office. It is a Congressional OFFICE Building, not dormitory. There is no right to turn it into substandard housing. The offices don't have showers, and shouldn't; and the U.S. Government must not be a slumlord. The space these squatters want to live in are not residential units but offices. The symbolism of these Members' cheapskate behavior is idiocy. Nobody begrudges members of Congress an apartment — at their own expense — in Washington, where they have to work. They are paid very well. They can rent an apartment or stay in an inexpensive hotel like every other working person. How is becoming homeless a sign of anything but what most homelessness is, a mental disorder?
The Congressional Office Buildings are not hotels, motels, nor apartment houses. No one is entitled to live in them. President Obama should evict the assh*les. Live in your car, if you wish, but not in a Federal office building. And if you do choose to live in your car, the D.C. Police should arrest you for vagrancy. Tea Party loons must not be allowed to drag Congress into disrepute. They pretend to respect the institution, but their Kongressional Kampground of America stunt dishonors the Nation. Oust them from Congressional Office Buildings, and if they try another stunt that drags Congress's name into the mud, oust them from Congress altogether. If they won't behave like responsible adults off the floor of the legislative chambers, they shouldn't be allowed on the floor of either the Senate or House. You don't want to be part of Washington? Then go home! Washington is the Nation's capital, and that is where members of Congress belong. If you didn't want to live there, you shouldn't have run for Congress. Congress is for adults. There is no place for childish stunts in the Congress of the United States.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,436 — for Israel.)

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