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The Expansionist
Monday, February 21, 2011
Time to Remove Qaddafi. Muammar Qaddafi is slautering unknown, but large, numbers of his own people in an attempt to hold onto power for more than the 40 years of tyranny he has already inflicted on his people — a reign of terror that has reached out to kill thousands of miles from Libya, including Berlin, Germany and Lockerbie, Scotland. It's time for the United States to remove him and liberate the people of Libya.
I don't know where the U.S. Navy has its ships at present, but we could remove ourselves from one bad situation, and place ourselves in a good situation, by moving the U.S. Fleet OUT of Bahrain, thus dramatically showing our disapproval of the monarchy there, and sending that fleet to the coast of Libya to show Qaddafi that if he does not step down, NOW, we will launch a campaign of "shock and awe" — airstrike after airstrike after airstrike against every single location we think he might be in, and if that kills everyone in his family and inner circle, all of whom are part of his collective despotism, so be it. U.S. warships stationed off the coast of Libya could as well shell his palaces and any military emplacements within artillery range, and make plain to the people of Libya, with every airstrike and artillery shell, that we are on their side — the side of human rights and democracy for all the people of the Arab Nation.
Congress Wants Mercury Everywhere in Our Environment. The Bush Administration, with the active connivance of both parties in Congress, passed a law in 2007 to force people to stop using incandescent litebulbs and replace them with compact fluorescent lites — which contain MERCURY, a dangerous, poisonous heavy metal! How the HELL did that happen — especially when 72% of Americans oppose that measure? This is the kind of arrogant disregard for the people that gave rise to the Tea Party movement, and it was inflicted upon us, against our will, by a REPUBLICAN President.
Now there is a call in Congress to reverse that stupid decision and permit the sale of incandescent bulbs as long as people want to buy them, thus undoing the arrogant and unwanted interference in our lives by Government know-it-alls who absolutely ignore the risks to the environment of an unsafe liting technology. I use CFLs because I'm poor, and cannot afford incandescents in most places in my house, even tho in the winter (and into the subnormally cold spring now expected), the thermal warmth of incandescents would be a very welcome addition to my household. But I am worried about the insane technology that uses a poisonous heavy metal just to make lite. Why can't science deliver low-cost, long-lasting litebulbs that do NOT put mercury, or any other poison, into the environment? I'm just AMAZED that environmentalists aren't LIVID and PANICKED about the prospect of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of CFLs with MERCURY being dumped into the environment. There are NO curbside recycling programs to remove and recycle the mercury in these bulbs, and essentially ALL the mercury in these hundreds of billions of CFLs that the Federal Government wants dumped into the environment will escape into the environment when the bulbs are crushed. And they will be crushed. They will not remain intact for all of future time. What IDIOT came up with that idea? If CFLs cannot be made environmentally safe, it is THEY that should be outlawed.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,439 — for Israel.)

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