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The Expansionist
Saturday, July 09, 2011
HuffPo Discussions. I have neglected this blog of late, spending too much time in posting comments to news stories on AOL/Huffington Post. HuffPo tries to rook people into commenting by allowing people to "fan" others they tend to agree with, and people strive to get more fans by posting more comments, and spending more time. It works, and some of us spend more time fiting the Radical Right crazies on HuffPo than on other sites because of this little ego boost of winning "fans".
But HuffPo has an amazing feature, in which it stores all the comments you have had published to an online area that anyone can access, to see your entire history of comments. As at 2:43pm today, my online area contains all 3,222 comments I've made since May. This should explain, in large part, why I have neglected this blog. But there are things I'd like to address here too, that cannot be discussed adequately in a few hundred characters. Still, if you'd like to see some of those 3,222 comments (under my "Fanetiks" screenname, because I had room in that emailbox for notifications), you can check them out at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/fanetiks?action=comments. ("Fanetiks" is a reference to my spelling-reform system for English, "Fanetik". When I tried to get that screenname on AOL, many years ago, I found that someone already had it. But no one had it with an S on the end, which works out fine, as the Fanetik spelling of "phonetics".)

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