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The Expansionist
Wednesday, November 09, 2011
Idiotic 'Scandals'. Network newscasts this week have been fascinated by two dopy wastes of everybody's time. The first is the pointless speculation about whether Herman Cain has a history of sexually harassing co-workers. The second is indignation about supposedly insufficiently reverential handling of detached body parts of dead soldiers at Dover Air Force Base.

(1) Herman Cain has absolutely no chance of becoming the nominee of the Republican Party for President. Anyone who thinks the Tea Party, Radical Right racists who dominate the Republican Party of today really want to see an all-black Presidential contest, in which there is no possibility whatsoever that a white man will be elected to the White House for the next four years, is out of his mind. Get serious.
Thus, it doesn't matter whether Herman Cain is forced out of the Presidential 'race' by this petty sex scandal or is not, because he has the same chance of winning the nomination whether he is forced out by this scandal or not: zero.
(2) The idea that it matters whether one or more body parts of dead soldiers are lost, disconnected, or cremated without the rest of the body at the Dover facility is insane. The soldiers at issue are DEAD, so we aren't actually talking about soldiers at all, but only masses of dead tissue, without consciousness and without personality or feelings. The body of the dead means nothing. To the extent that anyone believes in a soul, the soul is no longer connected to the body after death. So of what conceivable importance is it that disconnected PARTS of a meaningless mass of dead tissue are buried with the rest or not?
Don't people have legitimate things aplenty to worry about? Dead bodies are NOT the residence of the soul. Besides, there is no such thing as a soul. It's all supernatural, superstitious nonsense. Nor should we be burying bodies anymore. This planet is too crowded to waste space on graves. Cremate everyone and either scatter the ashes in some place that was significant to the person, or in depleted soil in national forests or similar places, where the minerals in the ash can do some good. But stop this nonsensical indignation about lost body parts of dead soldiers. That does them no honor, and there was no willful disrespect. It's not as tho employees at the mortuary were playing baseball with disconnected legs and skulls. That would be grotesque and disrespectful, but still not important. The soldiers were DEAD. They had no feelings. And connecting feelings with dead bodies is demented.
When death occurs, dispose of the "remains", and move on. Don't hassle people who have a horrible job. Don't inflict pain upon them. Don't prosecute people over NOTHING. News organizations: get a LIFE. Let the dead go. Let us keep them in our hearts, if ever they were in our heart, and, for those who died nobly, honor them. But don't make a fetish of dead bodies.
(The current U.S. military death toll in Iraq, according to the website "Iraq Coalition Casualties", is 4,483 — for Israel.)

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