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The Expansionist
Sunday, February 19, 2012
GOP vs. POP. The best people in this country are Liberals, and mostly Democrats. The tuffest and nastiest people, alas, are Radical Rightists and Republicans. It would be the easiest thing in the world for an American Hitler to recruit a new SA or SS from among the Radical Right, who would gladly beat, stab, and shoot their fellow Americans to get their way, rationalizing that they must never hesitate to do whatever may be necessary to "save America". Liberals would never do such things except in the extreme event of an absolute, inescapable need to defend themselves and save the Nation from descent into barbarism. But decent people can be pushed only so far before they fite back. The First Confederacy found that out when they bombarded Fort Sumter. What will it take for Liberals to take all necessary steps to crush the Second Confederacy, the present-day conspiracy of Tea Partiers, Radical Libertarians, militias, and Radical Rightists who want to undo all the progress of the last century?
The Democrats are the party of compromise beyond all principle, of accommodation that has gone over to capitulation. Democrats are, in short, the Party Of Pussies (in the sense "ineffectual or timid person[s]"). In a contest between the brazenly savage GOP and the endlessly apologetic, timorous POP, which will win — every time?
Democrats need to find their backbone and show the same militancy for principle that the Radical Right has shown for tribe. Because it doesn't matter if Democrats win the White House and both houses of Congress by large majorities — as they did in 2008 — if they will never crush the barbarians of the Radical Right under hobnailed boots. A party of MEN who do not compromise away the good and decent to accommodate evil and indecency, needs only a small majority to do what the people elected them to do. And the very first thing the new Congress must do is ABOLISH the unconstitutional and immoral filibuster rule, Senatorial "holds", and every other antidemocratic perversion that evil men have intruded to frustrate the intent of the Framers of the Constitution that both houses of Congress always operate by simple majority (save for a tiny number of exceptions spelled out expressly in the text of the Constitution). Then the floodgates will open, and the people's work will be done in a flash, with the greatest of ease.

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