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The Expansionist
Thursday, July 26, 2012
End the Olympics!
NBC News reported today that London has spent seven years and $14 BILLION in preparing for the Olympics, a worthless event that should be abolished. Surely the people of Britain have a lot better uses for $14 billion. Like other parts of the world, Britain's economy, and populace, have been adversely affected by the international Great Recession. No country, certainly no country Britain's size, can afford to throw away $14 billion.
Rationalizations that tourism will make up the outlay are probably mistaken, and even if some large portion of the 'investment' should be made up by one season's tourism, what of the future? Will London be able to find good and profitable uses for the various sport venues it has created? Or will they become a drag on the books of whoever owns them?
Olympic overspending has caused financial hardships in a number of host cities and entire countries. Only one host city has ever, in the entire history of the modern Olympics, made a profit, Los Angeles. I hear no talk of London making a profit from the past seven years' vast expenditures of time, money, and effort that could much better have been devoted to doing useful work, such as fixing infrastructure, training the unemployed, educating the uneducated, and a thousand other dedications. Every dollar/pound devoted to the Olympics was diverted from something more worthy.
Perhaps London and the United Kingdom have deep enuf pockets not to suffer badly from the huge outlay for a frigging sporting event, but how does any responsible Government throw away $14 billion on sports nonsense? Was any of this spending taken away from sports for schoolchildren and fitness programs for adults?
Worse, there are billions and billions more of public and private moneys thrown away on Olympic competitors, in the final team and in preliminary preparation and competitions, and millions of person-hours wasted on worthless efforts and pointless parasitism, by people who contribute NOTHING to society. The praise given these worthless parasites inspires yet more people to turn away from useful efforts in real jobs to the pursuit of hollow fame for becoming, themselves, worthless parasites upon society.
The supposed value to international comity and people-to-people goodwill that is used to justify the various unjustifiable wastes the Games entail is mostly nonsense. The accomplishments are NOT individual. The athletes do NOT arrive as individuals nor compete as individuals. No, they arrive in NATIONAL teams and promote NATIONALISM, not internationalism.
It's time for the world to abolish the Olympics and stop glorifying useless parasites who waste years and years of their life on infantile, egoistic idiocy.

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