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The Expansionist
Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Battle of the Forearms
The Obama campaign has not called Romney on his preposterous, contemptible, rolled-up-sleeves visual suggestion that he is a working man rather than a member of the idle rich. Instead, President Obama has started to appear with his own sleeves rolled up. How stupid.
Obama's spindly, hairless forearms are no match for Romney's gorgeous, muscular, hairy forearms. Obama, an ordinary man, is up against a catalog model. He can't win on looks. He has to win on substance. And he has to confront the phoney Romney on his disgraceful, RIDICULOUS, rolled-up-sleeves, subliminal BULLSHIT and force him to STOP IT.
Mr. Romney, you are not a farm worker. You have never in your entire life worked as a manual laborer. What is this CRAP of rolled-up sleeves? The "work" you do — running for an office for which you are profoundly unqualified — does not make your forearms sweat, nor get your lower sleeves dirty. You are a PHONY — 100% artificial, 0% organic. Nothing about you is genuine. You will do anything, say anything, wear anything to try to fool people into thinking you are just like them — even tho you are not remotely like ANYBODY but the 1% richest and most selfish people in the Nation.

You should be ashamed of yourself, but of course you're not, because you HAVE NO SHAME. You are a sad, sad, little excuse for a man who NEEDS, desperately, to become President of the United States — not to advance any political ideology nor to do anything at all for the people of this country, or the world — which any President of the United States must think about — but because you, a sad, sad, tiny, despicable caricature of a man, NEED emotionally to make yourself feel as tho you count for something, which, absent becoming President, you DON'T. You never have mattered in the national discourse, in the six decades and more of your life. And if you lose this election, you will not endeavor thereafter to remain part of the national discourse on policy. Because you don't CARE about policy, or ideas, or the national interest. All you care about is YOU.

I don't know if you are trying to redeem your father, who failed in his own quest for the Presidency, or show your father up. That is, I don't know, and perhaps no one knows, whether you are trying to become President because of a sick, obsessive, and excessive love for your father, or a sick, obsessive, and excessive HATRED of your father, because you feel he didn't love you enuf. But whatever it is, it's not healthy — not for you, and certainly not for this Republic.

Whatever the personal dynamics behind your disgraceful run for an office you cannot possibly manage, it doesn't matter. Get professional help for your father-worship or father-hatred. But get the hell out of public affairs, because you have NOTHING to contribute. You would disappoint everyone who votes for you, because you have NO principles and will never fite for ANYONE. Once you achieve the Presidency, it's all over for you, emotionally. You don't have to DO anything at all thereafter. That's not what people expect of a President. YOU are not what people expect of a President. You are a disgrace, a sad, tiny man who should be in therapy, not in a race for the Presidency of the United States, which is vastly, incomparably more important than you ever were or ever will be.
As for a substitute for the Romney-ordered rolled-up-sleeves crap, if Obama really wants to compete subliminally, he's got to play more basketball and sing more great songs.

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