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The Expansionist
Friday, October 12, 2012
Biden Rude?
I'm astounded at the brazenness of the Radical Right in condemning Vice President Biden for being "rude" to Congressman Paul Ryan in the debate in which Biden crushed that wicked twerp. Amazing. These are the very same people who for four years have been calling Barack Obama a foreigner, Muslim, Socialist, Communist, and every other thing they could think to call him except the one thing we all know they mean. The one word they didn't dare call Obama starts with N and ends five letters later with R. But Biden was rude!
In all things political and moral, we can simplify the issue with a Hitler analogy. If Joe Biden had been debating Adolf Hitler, should he have been "respectful"? I don't think so. Paul Ryan wants to destroy Medicare, destroy Social Security, and undo a century of progress on all fronts, to leave half the country to the tender mercies of robber barons, to die of starvation and exposure on the streets, or beg for charity from the rich, or sign their freedom away to work for food and shelter alone, just to stay alive, but Vice President Biden, an honorable, caring man, is supposed to be "respectful" of that antihuman monster? No way in hell.

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