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The Expansionist
Sunday, October 21, 2012
Libya Attack and Other Trivia
My friend Joe in Belleville (a suburb of my city, Newark, NJ) sent me link to a news story, "Obama On Daily Show: President Defends Libya Response To Jon Stewart". I read it, then replied:
This is TRIVIA, and Obama should simply have said that there are 193 countries in the roster of nations — and ___ [number] of U.S. embassies and consulates on a planet of 7 billion people, all of them outside our borders. We do not control the planet, so cannot provide security for American emplacements everywhere on Earth, and it is absurd to suggest we can. We issue travel advisories to warn Americans of places that are too dangerous for them to go, but our career diplomats have to go to them anyway. One comment at the end of that story says U.S. diplomatic missions were attacked 10 times under Dumbya. I don't have any way to check that, but it seems credible.
Obama has taken NO CREDIT, in this discussion, for ousting Muammar Khaddafi — who killed 259 Americans in the Lockerbie bombing during the [Republican] REAGAN Administration — with NATO action backed by the U.S. Why not? Again, it seems the Democrats do NOT want to win this election. I am very worried about what Democratic advisers see happening in 2013 that they don't want to be in charge for.
I am very tired of this constant whining about tiny numbers. Four Americans were killed under Obama, overseas. Oh my GOD! 2,800 were killed AT HOME under Dubya [on 9/11]. 2,000 American military have been killed in Afghanistan in 11 years! Oh my GOD! 32,000 Americans are killed on our roads every year, with the lowest monthly figure being over 2,000.
A dozen people get sick from E. coli, and the media are filled with wailing and gnashing of teeth; a few dozen die from tainted steroids, and again, the media go nuts. This is a country of 313M people. 2,437,163 died, from all causes, in 2009! The people of this country have got to grow the f* up and stop wailing about TRIVIA.
Sadly, no one in Government can say that these four deaths in Benghazi are trivia, and we cannot prevent all deaths. We need to remember that all life ends in death, and honor people who put themselves in harm's way for the greater good, not pretend that we can protect everyone from everything.

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