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The Expansionist
Monday, November 26, 2012
Silencing the Radical Right
It's time for everyone who is tired of the unrelenting CRAP from the Radical Right on message boards of various kinds to pounce on all that garbage with a single, unified message: "You LOST. Go away and be quiet." Don't engage them in their nonsense. Don't dignify it by treating it as something we need to respect and discuss. No. Just dismiss it and shout it down. You see "Obama is a Muslim" crap? Shout it down. "Obama is a socialist"? Shout it down. "Obama has divided the Nation"? Shout it down. "Obama wants to enslave blacks in welfare dependency"? Shout it down. "Obama wants to destroy our democracy and become a Communist dictator"? Shout it down: "You LOST. Go away and be quiet."
Maybe if the Radical Right's clumsy propagandists see that, 16,000 times in the next two weeks, we can liberate online comments areas from the b.s. that has filled them for four years, and resume instead civil discourse that speaks to the specifics of a particular story, not goes off on some crazy anti-Obama tangent that has nothing to do with that story.

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