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The Expansionist
Monday, December 31, 2012
Dems: Don't give a cent nor inch!
I sent the following message to President Obama, V.P. Biden, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, December 31, 2012 (3:10am).

DO NOT SELL US OUT to the rich. If Republicans demand a higher income limit than $250,000, counter-offer LOWER: $200,000 is plenty rich enuf. Be a man. [Except in text for Ms. Pelosi] Stand tall and crush the Republicans. Remind them, over and over, that they LOST the election and have been repudiated by the public, and if they insist on defending the rich at the cost of raising everyone's taxes, Democrats will DESTROY the Republican Party in 2014. Warn Boehner that the Republicans can go the way of the Whigs, which the Republican Party replaced. Stomp him and McConnell under hobnail boots. You have all the power. Give NOTHING to the Republicans. They regard any token of respect not as a desire for bipartisanhip or graciousness but as weakness. Don't give them any out. Rub their nose in it. Crush them, humiliate them, put them in their place for good. Do not enable them to continue their obstructionist ways. Make Boehner cry out loud and in public. Crush the redneck Radical Right and make plain that their stranglehold on the Nation's culture and politics is OVER. They must get with the program or be run over by the great majority and crushed into the dust of history. Warn them that if they don't budge, you will introduce legislation to initiate COMPULSORY VOTING in Federal elections, so their ONLY chance at winning any election ever again, low turnout of Democrats, will be destroyed, because turnout will always be 95%, and Republicans cannot ever win more than 40%. Go further: take away redistricting from the states, which should have NO SAY over Federal districts, and let computers draw geometrically compact districts, starting in one corner of a state and proceeding to the other end of the state making districts as close to square as possible. Minority rule must END. Warn the Republicans that they have to RENOUNCE minority rule and racism, or end as a force of any consequence in American public policy FOREVER.

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