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Tuesday, January 08, 2013
Remarks on Yahoo News Stories
I offered some comments at several stories on Yahoo News today.
In response to an article about a Texas gun-'rights' advocate ranting on the Piers Morgan show:
That Texas gun nut knows NOTHING about the origins of the Second Amendment. It had NOTHING to do with fending off tyranny on the part of our OWN government, or protecting against crime. NOTHING. It had to do with defending against, still, the British Empire, which was inciting INDIANS to violence against Americans, and the possibility that other European empires would try to break up the Nation and annex it piecemeal to their empires. The Framers of the Constitution NEVER thought the Government they created would become tyrannical, because they built in checks and balances to prevent tyranny. And ONLY members of a well-regulated militia were to have a right to guns. The Framers could not even BEGIN to conceive of the lethality of today's weapons. When they wrote the Second Amendment, it took the best gunners something like 30 seconds to fire and reload a MUSKET. Had the Framers known about semi-automatic and fully automatic MACHINE GUNS, they would NEVER have written gun rights into the Constitution.
In response to other people's comments at the article, "6 Career Myths You Shouldn't Fall For":
Lots of bad advice there. The article is completely right. The idea that everybody can start their own business is BULL. There are many skills involved in a business that YOU have to master, or pay for: bookkeeping, publicity, client/customer contact, manufacturing or purchasing, legal matters (contracts, warranties), insurance, and on and on and on. And if you have a physically or mentally challenging full-time job you cannot take on a second, esp. if you also have family responsibilities. You CANNOT "have it all" unless you are independently wealthy, usually from inheritance. There aren't enuf hours in the day to do justice to all the demands if you have a full-time job, a part-time career, and a partner and kids you MUST NOT neglect.
Cut the Radical Right CRAP. The problems in starting a business have NOTHING to do with Government regulation. Most small businesses fail within 5 years, because they are undercapitalized, the people who start them don't have sufficient expertise in the field, and/or they are unable to distinguish themselves from better-capitalized and better-run businesses, large or small. Some also fail because they exhaust the principals, who tire of ramming their head against a brick wall every day for 12 hours a day.
In response to an article about New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney clumsily saying that Chris Christie "prayed" for Superstorm Sandy to strike in order to distract people from Christie's failures and produce jobs in cleanup:
I find it bizarre that Sweeney, a very prominent sellout to Christie's program, the top "Christicrat" in the Legislature, would dare to position himself to run for Governor. One Christie is much more than enuf. We don't need a Democratic version too. Richard Codey is probably the Dems' best hope for Governor. He had a highly successful run as Acting Governor when Gov. McGreevey resigned. McGreevey should never have resigned just because he is gay — and maybe it's time for him to return to Drumthwacket (the official residence of NJ's Governor). Cory Booker, the mayor of my city, Newark, has declined to run against Christie, holding out for U.S. Senate when our very-old Senator, Frank Lautenberg, should retire (tho he has suggested he won't) in 2014. Dems have got to stop fawning over Christie. Of course, nature may take its course and strike down our very morbidly obese present Governor, and save us from the disaster of his re-election. But ONE DAY'S actions with regard to President Obama, and another day's criticism of the U.S. House of Representatives' Republicans in no way makes up for a course of years of criminally irresponsible favoritism to the rich at the expense of everybody else. Christie must go. But Sweeney should not even THINK of running against him.
In response to an article about where to build a new FBI HQ:
The dollar figures [$1.2B just for land!] are PREPOSTEROUS, esp. in a lingering Great Recession. And why is a building built in the 1970s crumbling now? Surely there is cheap office space already available in DC, for being vacant now. As for the location, NOTHING should go to Maryland or Virginia. The Framers of the Constitution created the District of Columbia to house the Federal Govt, and that's where all HQ buildings belong.
In reply to an article about British unhappiness with the European Union:
Britain and Ireland are both in the wrong Union. They should leave the EU and join the United States, as several states.
See http://expansionistparty.tripod.com/Britbounds.html.

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